Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chronicle article on making $ off your blog

In case you don't live in the SF area, the Chronicle had a story about bloggers selling merchandise and in other ways trying to make a living off of their blogs.

The link is

The story ran on 12/19, so if you are interested, out of inclination or horror, check it out soon in case it becomes unavailable in the future. I believe there is also a podcast on the topic.


Derrick said...

I think the Chron is pretty good about letting links linger. I checked a couple old ones from OWF, and they work just fine.

drbiggles said...

Hmmm, selling things, that's a good idea. But then I'd have to decide what to sell and then figure out a nice way to present it. Oh criminy, then I'd have to receive orders, process orders and ship product. All this time keeping paperwork of the transactions and tracking shipments. Probably dealing with the shipper when shipments are late and/or lost. Then, after all that the customer may want to return the product due to misrepresentation, breakage or a change of mind. And this would be done on a daily basis?
That sounds an awful lot like work to me. And I for one, am not interested in any more work, I have enough of that already.
I believe the Biggles will pass.

Rachael said...

OOOH. Interesting. I made some t-shirts as business swag last year and sold a few (my business is giving private, in-home cooking classes)to my family, but never thought to make them for my BLOG.

Great link, thanks!

Oh, and those shirts? Available from just search for Fresh Approach! (wink)



Cate said...

Thanks for the article link - very timely for me. My lifelong dream has been to own a restaurant. In the meantime, I've been developing a line of spice rubs and herb dip mixes to sell (using a link on my blog) and will be focusing on that in 2006. But like Biggles, time is always a problem. I just figure it's time to stop talking about my dreams and start working on them. ;)