Monday, December 19, 2005

[Stats] Question about links


So yesterday my stats indicated hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of people came to my blog via a post on Slashfood from August, that I had left a comment on with a link.

It just seems super-super weird to me. I am (just out of curiosity) wondering if anyone knows if that post (About Grilled Cheese Day) was featured in a newspaper or a magazine or something? (Andrew? Sarah? Beth? You all post on Slashfood...don't you?)

I looked around at Technorati and whatnot couldn't find anything that would explain this (excellent) phenom.

I know this is silly, but I really am curious why a post from August with a comment and a link would suddenly have people swarming to my blog.



This query brought to you with lovin' care by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


Andrew said...

I am not supposed to tell you this but slashfood (along with the rest of the weblogs inc empire) are under-going significant server enhancements (hence comments turned off for the weekend) that probably explains it. Bit odd though as my blogs havent shown such behaviour and I plug my sites as much as I bloody can!! ;-)

oops did i say that out loud??

Rachael said...

I did notice the comments are down, but still, more than 500 people clicked through to my site from that paticular post. Thats just craziness. Unless...maybe they are having people from all over the world check things to make sure they work?

Any which was a heck of a lot of interest in a asparagus and cheese sandwich. LOL

Thanks Andrew.

kitchenmage said...

Did you try googling something obvious to see if the slashfood thing got some secondary mention? I've had spikes from someone linking to a SF thing that then went to me...but not so many hits as you got. Interesting thing this Internet.

Shauna said...

I had the same thing happen, although it wasn't 500 people! Sort of bizarre, but isn't everything in this weird internet business? It always makes me laugh.

Rachael said...

Shauna. Was it from Slashfood? Was it recently?

I have done a few searches to see if anyone linked TO that post, but nothing came up...

It has been a few days now and the trend has reversed. It just struck me as weird so I thought I would ask.

Thanks everyone!

sarah said...

oh rachael, it's just your day, girl! YOUR DAY!


okay, but can you look at your stats to see WHO the users are? if it's the same user, its probably the thing that andrew said above, but if they're all different, then, like i said, popular girl!! :)