Saturday, December 10, 2005

[Digital Cameras] Shopping For A New Camera?

When my digital camera had a massive stroke two weeks ago, I panicked (because I knew next to nothing about buying a new camera.) And then I posted a little cry for help on my blog, asking for advice from readers. The response was overwhelming and incredibly helpful. Several readers told me that the info helped them, too, so I thought I would share it with my school mates.

My two main criteria were that the camera cost $300 or less and that it have a fully automatic option so I could use it right away and figure out the rest at my leisure. People offered up advice on everything from specific models (including great sounding pricier ones) to buying rechargeable batteries. There are also several excellent links. So if you're in the market for a new camera and don't know much about the zillions of choices out there, click here to read all the comments.

For more info on digital cameras, you can do a search through the Food Blog S'Cool Archives.

So what camera did I end up buying? The Canon PowerShot A520 from Amazon. $175, no tax, free shipping, and tons of favorable reviews from various sources. So far I love it. All the photos posted on Farmgirl Fare from 12/8/05 to the present were taken with it (and none were retouched, etc.). Downloading photos into the computer is a snap (even for me).

I also followed the advice to invest in rechargeable nimh batteries and a charger. I bought this Sony Battery Charger with four 2300 nimh AA batteries for under $20 at Amazon. It works great. You can charge two at a time and always have two fully charged and ready to go.

NOTE: I have also discovered that nimh batteries burn out a LOT faster in very cold weather.

This post was written by Farmgirl from Farmgirl Fare


Sigrid said...

I recently had to decide for a change too and the choice wasn't such a dilemma: I bougth a Canon eos 350D and, really, I've been in heaven ever since :-)) Formerly I used a hp photosmart 945 and that one wasn't so bad either (but then of course nothing compares to eos...)

Rose said...

Fabulous farmgirl!

I hit up fbs a few weeks ago looking for recommendations on digital cameras. The feedback from your post is a wonderful new set of insights and recs for my continuing search.

Thanks for posting!

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camera accessories said...

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Rex said...

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