Thursday, December 08, 2005

[Event] Food Fete

Are you going to the Fancy Food Show in January in San Francisco? If so, you may also want to attend the Food Fete. I went last year, along with a few other bloggers and it was a good event. Head over to the web site if you are interested. At the site, click on "press" for more information about attending.

Food Fête is a public relations and marketing event for the gourmet food and beverage industry. We produce sponsored press receptions that showcase gourmet food and beverage products driving current food trends.

Oh! to attend the Fancy Food Show, pre-register here. FYI a business card with your title and blog is about all you need as "credentials" to qualify as press.

This post was written by Amy from Cooking with Amy


Elise said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you so much for posting about these events! I'm registering for both. Hope to see you there. :-)

Amy Sherman said...

If you are going we should make a plan to meet up! I'll post something when we get closer. It's fun to walk the floor together...


Sam said...

Hi Amy
I am signed up for both too.
Not sure of my schedule at that time,
ut hope to make it to at least one of them.

Elise said...

We could have a food blogger posse!

FJK said...

I did one of these many years ago. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for making the info so easy to find.

I signed up for both and will probably do them both on the Monday.
Any one want to meet up?