Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blogger won't upload my images!

I was so excited tonight because I just wrote up my first restaurant review. And then I was completely deflated when I could not get Blogger to upload the one pic I wanted for the post. Everytime I try to upload and it completes it (with the blue button that says "Done"), but there's not image in the post! Has anyone dealt with this before? Is it just Blogger being finicky or something I'm doing?

This post was written by Rose from The Hungry Rose


MeBeth said...

I sometimes have problems uploading photos if my camera is still plugged in to my computer. I have no idea why, and this is a very non-tech solution, but its definitely worth a try. Good luck!

Cate said...

When I use that image button, I sometimes have that problem too. Usually just trying again will do it. Also, if you do it after you've written your whole post, it will automatically put the image on the very top of your post, so you might want to check there, and then move it to where you want it. Hope this helps!

Liz said...

Is the 'use this layout every time' box checked? Unchecking it will sometimes allow you to upload pics which won't behave otherwise.

Rose said...

Ah ha! squeezeweasel was right on the money. When I unchecked that "layout" box it did it immediately.

Thanks everyone!

farmgirl said...

It's not you. It's Blogger. I think it just gets overloaded. I've had the same problem and many others trying to upload photos. Sometimes it works like a charm. Sometimes you want to bash your head against the wall.

Sometimes if you get out of blogger and then reopen and start all over, that will work. Other times you just have to wait a while.

I still use picasa/hello as a backup (yesterday, as a matter of fact, now that I think about it), but it has its own quirks and PMS days, too. : )

Sam said...

its good to have alloptions available to you:

I still use mostly hello
if that doesn't work i use the picassa blogger button

they havent both failed me at the same time yet, but if they do then i will try the newer blogger upload everyone else seems to be using.

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