Saturday, December 17, 2005

[idea] would anyone like to?

I've just been brainstorming ideas for my blog and have something I want to try for the first week of 2006. If this works out well I will make it a weekly event on my blog. This is what I would like to do. Each day for week 1 of 2006 I would like to feature a guest blogger. Each guest will write a post for my blog. In exchnage all that I ask is that the day before your post appears that you mention (with a link back), on your blog that you will be guest posting for me and on what day. Seems to me this will be a great way to help each other gain more readers. If interested, please email me at I will accept posts with content related to my blog subject matter and pictures are certainly welcome!

Michele from Chef Michele's Adventures


Amy Sherman said...

I think the idea of exposing readers to more blogs is a good one.

Another way to go about it, that I stole from Too Many Chefs is to compile posts of the week, each weekend. It's a nice pat of the back to fellow bloggers and helps expose their blogs to new readers. Sam also does a similar thing with her Bay Area Blogger of the Week feature.

Michele said...

Thanks for the idea Amy, sounds like that would work well too!