Monday, December 05, 2005

DNS for typepad

I know someone must have worked this through and I am getting absolutely nowhere with Typepad support and today's the deadline to switch things. I am hoping for a simple answer here.

Typepad recently sent out mail saying they needed DNS changes for all their mapped domains; all they are asking for is a single CNAME that maps the subdomain to their server, like this:
blog (points to)

This is how I tried to set it up when I first mapped my domain to the blog and it fails, so I added an A record to point to the IP address of, which works. However, the address is apparently subject to change so it may not work for long.

When I go back to just the CNAME it all stops, due to no DNS resolution. (duh)

Their help says stupid things like, leave the A record at the default. Default? There is no *default* for A records.

I've got five blogs mapped and if they all stop working I'm going to be a very unhappy mage. (and it's seldom good for people when mages get unhappy, for people are crispy and taste good with wait, that's when dragons get mad...never mind)

So, who wants to show me their DNS settings? I'd prefer to hear from someone with a DNS server, not DNS set up at a registrar, mostly because I need to know what was done and registrars are notorious for doing things behind the scenes where you can't tell that they did stuff works, but not for a discernable reason.

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