Sunday, December 04, 2005

Message from Noodle Cook re Paper Chef


Dear Headmistress

I couldn't work out how many people are particpating in this weekend's Paper Chef based on the low number of ingredient nominations and no announcement on Is My Blog Burning?

I have organised an Aussie judging panel, with some "secret" surprises :) to help celebrate Paper Chef anniversary and the holidays, it would be disastrous if everyone has forgotten... Would you be kind enough to put in a reminder for Paper Chef participants to head to Tomatilla for nominations and details. Thank you in advance.

Noodle Cook

Note from Sam - people who wish to announce things on Food Blog S'cool are encouraged to simply sign up and join the Scool for full posting priveleges. Food Blog S'cool Mail is only checked once a week or less. For more urgent issues email me directly via Becks & Posh.
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Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

I have editor privileges now on Is My Blog Burning (just another step in my plan to take over the whole food blogosphere - muwwwhha ha) so if anyone wants their event listed - omnigod that I am I don't get to hear about them all - then drop me an email.

everyone has my email address, right? :0)

2-minute Noodle Cook said...

Thank you for putting up the announcement: even though late for entries, although there is time extension for those with a good excuse :). But it's not too late to join in the festive feasts prepared with the secret ingredients from the "other side of the world". Remember to visit Tomatilla for the roundup...