Wednesday, December 07, 2005

[Blogger] Too Many Posts?

Last night as well as this morning, Blogger has been running extremely slow for me. I now have over 700 posts so I am wondering if that is the problem and if so, will switching to a paid service take care of it? (Switching all my posts over is not something I look forward to, but I'm willing to pay the price - literally and figuratively - if that will resolve the issue.)

Thanks in advance!

This post was written by Cathy from Chief Family Officer


Kalyn said...

I am also having trouble and I have only 240 posts. (However I've only been blogging since April 24, so that's quite a few for me!)

Liz said...

I was having real trouble last night too, and suspect Blogger was having problems; I nearly gave up on the post I was writing. I'd be very interested to see whether anyone has any tips on this.

Sam said...

i suspect they were changing their severs. All blogspots were down for a couple hours monday evening.

I have 504 posts. I dont think the number of posts is an issue unless you have them all archived on your front page.