Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blogger and photos

This may be old news to some, but I was delighted to discover that I could use the blogger image uploader to put in a series of photos and then go to the edit html (as opposed to the tab labeled compose) and then cut and paste the photos to where I wanted them in the post.

Since I have been having issues with Hello and haven't tried flicker yet, it seemed a simple solution.

If you try this, I think it is easier to write your post and then move the photos.

Hope this helps someone.

Posted by FJK of Blog Appetit


Kalyn said...

Now I am slapping my forehead and going, why didn't I think of that!!? Thank you so much for sharing. It's going to be very helpful.

Rachael said...


I use a mac, so I dont have Hello (not compatible) and that is the only option I have ever had! (I know, I go on and on about how I loathe this computer, its just that in terms of "creativity" its supposed to be the one to have, and YET, for blogging it is a DISTINCT disadvantage.)

paul said...

That is the way it's done in Movable Type.

Editing the image tag offers some advantages - add hspace and vspace inside the img tag for spacing horizontally and vertically - the following adds 10 pixels of space to each side of the image: hspace="10"

You can also add an align="right" (or left) as a simple way to float an image with text. This tag however has validity and breaking repercussions too complicated to explain here, but it works just fine for most blog post situations.

Remember to never change the height and width dimensions inside the image tag, they should always be the exact size of the image, otherwise your image will look funky.

Please, please delete this comment if I accidentally start a Mac/PC thing, but one advantage the Mac has over PC in the realm of HTML editing is a program called BBedit.

I simply couldn't function without this powerful text editor. All my HTML tags are a keyboard short cut away, speeding up the process of adding links, images or styles. HTML tags are color coded and their are several views that help you view the structure of your page. They used to offer a freeware version of BBedit lite that you can still find here.

Anybody using a Mac, that does even a little HTML twiddling should try it out.

cookiecrumb said...

Yay, Paul: I use a Mac, and I've just gotten to the point in my blogging comfort-level that I'm fiddling with code. I've been doing it the hard way, by peeking at other blogs' source and pinpointing whatever it is that seems to work.
I will totally go check out BBedit.
Rachael, your Mac is a lovely beast. It's just that the rest of the world hates us.
I got one for you all: I have no idea how to start a thread on Food Blog S'cool! What's the 411?

Rachael said...

You are signed up as a poster here right? Thats how you start a thread...

As for the Mac, I am not a fan. I wish I hadnt bought it (and then dropped it, cracking the screen.) but, whats done is done. SIGH.

Marc said...

I have yet to find the perfect html editor for Windows (I haven't looked too hard, either), but the Note Tab text editor is quite snazzy. The free version has a html tool bar that you can use for easy tagging of text blocks or hyperlink insertion. It also allows multiple files to be opened at one time, and has many other features. There are countless other features that I have yet to discover, so it is possible that there is a way to preview how the file will look once the html has been procesed.

Shira said...

I've tried this, but I can't figure out exactly what code gets moved. My blogger keeps rejecting all my options.

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