Wednesday, December 14, 2005

[Blogger] HELP! My page is off center!

What am I doing wrong? When I look at IE part of my page is not showing properly. How do I fix this problem?



Ben said...

One of your side pictures is too large. When this happens, it pushes the other content down. I also had the same problem on my blog. Different browsers, ie Firefox will do the same thing. Had to fix that problem too.

Michele said...

UGH! I can't figure out which one it is... how did you fix yours?

paul said...

The google search form has a nowrap, which forces it out of its container in some browsers. And I think the feedburner thingy is too big.

There's a few things you can fix here, but the easiest is just to change your content width from 900 to 950.

You'd think two 200 pixel wide sidebars and a 500 pixel wide main post area would add up to 900, but that's too precise for IE when things get out of their boxes.

Also your link to 'Busy Nights' in the side bar needs its closing 'a' tag fixed. It seems small but it screws up Safari.

Fahara said...

I have the same problem with IE on my blog - but only with the descriptive header! Nothing I've tried has worked. Any ideas?

Michele said...

Paul, you are so awesome! Thanks!!! It works now.

paul said...

Fahara, your header image and description should be in a div container to make it easier to control its position.

If you put them inside the header div, you'll have to turn off the display: none and make a few other adjustments.

The header-image margin-top should be set to 0.

The description width should be 780px; and the padding should be:5px 0px 10px; so it centers properly.

The image is 800 pixels wide, which will make it look a little wider than the stuff below, because the sidebar gets bumped 10 pixels in by a margin setting. So change the line in the #sidebar to read margin:15px 10px 0;

That should do it. Except for the cookies you'll need to make me now.

Fahara said...

Ola Paul, I'm afraid cookies aren't forthcoming because it didn't work *sobs*. It just displaces it in Mozilla Firefox without rectifying it in IE :(

Any more suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

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