Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Style of Comment Spam

I came back this evening from a delicious, icy, snowy weekend vacation in Seattle to discover a new type of comment spam on my blog.

These are comments that are relevant, don't contain links, are personal, have obviously read the entry and are typically responding favorably. So why did they set off my spam alarms?

In the field for a commentor's url, name, and email, this commentor has put in a blog address that leads to a content non-sense blog that looks to be up only to drive search return ratings.

So... approve the comment? Delete as spam?

Sweets gave me a good suggestion to try at first. He says keep the comment (since it is relevant, and not the part I am objecting to), and break the commentor's url by changing http to hxxp and putting a space after every character in the url.

I'll see how that goes. I definitly get the impression that these commentors are watching to see what my response is before they flood me.

Example of the comment change is exhibited with the last two comments on this Harry Potter recipe.

This post was written by McAuliflower from Brownie Points Blog


Sam said...

that's strange - especially as it was such an old post.

hope they dont start this on blogger seeing as we dont have the capability to edit our comments.

I have another theory about why they aren't as smart as they could be, if they really want to do spam damage but I am not going to write it here in case they read it and then change their approach.

Jennifer Maiser said...

When I have had comments that ring a little strange, I completely strip out the url and email address, leaving just the comment.

Andrew said...

if they are commenting on old posts it says to me that all they are after is the link - for googlejuice - i delete them; well actually i dont i have comments turned off on old posts after 21 days.

paul said...

When I get these, I do the same thing - I break the link. But I really should just delete them since they don't add anything. More popular posts with high Google ranking get targeted by these handmade comment spams.

Manual spam seem to be moving from low paying, non-English speaking labor to more sophisticated help, probably hired by the throngs of SEO (Search Engine Optimzer) consultants popping up.

However this is the sort of thing that might be twarted by the nofollow attribute.

McAuliflower said...

Well, the response to an old post makes sense because it's been highlighted up front since I went to see Harry Potter.

Having comments suspend after a certain amount of time sounds nice.

I really like the 'no follow' attribute!

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