Sunday, December 18, 2005

(Misc) Blog Polls

Help! I'm doing a contest this weekend, and need Blog Poll to cooperate. It's having trouble with the code - can't get the results graph to appear. Anyone have any experience with it/Blogger before?

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Sam said...

aha - i dont have the answer but was planning to use it myself later in the week so if you find anything relevant out please share.
I only got as far as playing with it, without actually cutting and pasting the code.

Cate said...

I did a search in the archives and someone (it was late last night, do't remember who), said Blogger originally gave an error, but ended up posting it. I was hopeful, got the error and let it post anyway - no such luck. Did tons of research and found all sorts of other good polls, but most limit the amount of answers to 10 (i.e., bravenet, etc.), and I needed 16 answers (for voting for the best dog/food picture). Ending up letting people vote through the comments section, but would have like another option, so hopefully someone will have some insights. Ugh.

FJK said...

Check out
It is not set up for bloggers but I don't know why it wouldn't work.
One of the companies I work with uses it all the time.
Small surveys (under 100 respondents) are free. It might work for a contest or poll if you think you'll have 100 or less respondents.

Let us know how it goes