Friday, December 30, 2005

A better ad network?

Hey all, I am sure lots of you all use adsense, as I have, but I wanted to let you know about this other adnetwork called Chitika eMiniMalls that I cruised by today and added to my blog at Nika's Culinaria (you can see two different types of ads from them throughout the blog).
They have a higher payrate than adsense and the ads seem to draw people in by ther interactive nature as well as their targeting ( am waiting to see how well it does that but you do get nice ads for wine and Fois Gras on my site now)

In addition to those, I also suggest putting up an affiliate button because the number one thing people say about our visitors is that they are very likely bloggers too and might be interested in a new blog ad network.

Check it out at:

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Remember that they are dynamic so each page load brings different ads to different people.

This post was written by Nika at Nika's Culinaria.


Elise said...

Hi Nika,
I had Chitika ads up for one day and found that the click-through rate was abysmal - about a tenth of the click-through for Adsense. Perhaps they do better on sites that are product recommendation sites versus food, cooking and recipes. If you or anyone else here tries them out, I would be interested to hear of your experiences.

nika said...

elise: yeah.. my experiment with them has been just awful. When I have time in the next day or two I am going to switch back and see what happens (try to be quasi-scientific about it)

Thanks for the note on how its going for you.. thought it was just me!