Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Blog Event! Whoo-eeeeeeee!

I have an idea for an online food event, and I invite all of YOU to participate!

It's super simple. Every month, a new recipe will be announced and you will have 7 days to make it. The recipes will be chosen based on suggestions from readers, in the comment section. (Rules to be explained more in depth when the first recipe is announced/when I think of some) The dish will be something interesting, that doesn't involve baking or any specialized equipment (and yes, a grill is specialized, since a lot of people don't have one) And we will skip all recipes that call for esoteric ingredients like fennel pollen, temple rice and/or loquats, so everyone around the world can join in. Then, everyone will make the SAME THING.

Yup. That's the idea. Have everyone make the same dish, following a recipe as exactly as you want, or getting all kinds of fancy, then submitting your photo of the completed dish (with any changes, or just noting you followed it exactly) for a fun look at how one recipe can be interpreted in a million different ways.

There will be no judging, just a monthly round up, and hopefully, a lively discussion on what makes a recipe work! (If this sounds a lot like the comment section of Epicurious, that is where the idea came from for sure.)

If this sounds fun to you, please check out (this same post) on my blog Fresh Approach and add your dish suggestions, (And suggestions for a name for this, since I'm stumped!) then go back there on August 12th for the announcement of the first recipe!

Thanks ev'body!


Andrew said...

A name?

How about Yet Another Blog Event - YABE?

I do question the need for another one but from the comments on your site it looks like you have a success on your hands. Good luck!

Sam said...

of course we don't need anymore blog events, but we don't need chocolate either and that doesn't stop many of us :)

I would just like to say to everyone - at times in the past I have felt overwhelmed by the number of blogging events there are to take part in. In fact (even when there were half as many events) I almost had a mid blog crisis becasue of it, especially when an 'A' list food blogger emailed me imploring I take part in a particular event that I wasn't really interested in.

I almost couldn't cope with them all for a while. But now, I just take it my stride, and if I don't have the time or inclination to do one or other of them, then I just don't. At first I used to write to the hosts aplogizing for not being able to take part, but I don't even do that anymore. If I am not taking part - then I have a good reason. I am sure everyone understands.

Now that I have actually hosted an event, and have a few more to host in the future, I understand how nerve-racking it is to be a host, worrying about how few people (or how many) might enter.

But - its just for fun guys and gals - please remember that none of you are obliged, don't feel guilty if you can't, and most of all have fun. That's the main thing. If you skip any event, someone else won't, so its ok.

another name suggestion:
"One for all and all for One"
or Once and for all
or I am sure someone can come up with something better!

Culinary Fool said...

I think the hard thing is that I'd like to participate in ALL of them but but sometimes (mostly)I just can't.

But, what I love about the plethora of options is that there is something for everyone. As the number of bloggers and events grows I bet everyone will figure out one or a few that appeal most to them and then every event will have a good share of bloggers but not every one will do everything.

It's so democratic! :-)

~ B

Mel said...

Recipeat? Recipe repeat? Something along those lines?

Rachael said...

What I love about food blog events is that not only is there something for everyone, there are so many, that if I miss one, there is always another one right around the corner.

The idea behind this one (still un-named but thank you all for your suggestions so far) is that it is about learning tips, seeing how a recipe can be interpreted around the world, and to have fun. Mostly, its about fun. If only three people take part, thats ok by me, I will still consider it a susess.

Culinary Fool said...

Recipe Rendevous

Owen said...

I completely agree about having no issues with all the blog events - they are all fun and creative and different and of course I can't do them all - or even very many of them. Half the time I don't even do MY OWN one! But they add another layer of interest to cooking when I CAN do them and they push me to do just a little better or more than I would otherwise do. I absolutely TOTALLY enjoy following them all and seeing what everyone else is up to.

I think that food blogging events are just one of the things that makes food blogging a special blog sub-culture - one that is a bit warmer and kinder and friendlier than most without being too happy-happy. Plus there are REAL results! The one I was sad I missed (because I didn't know about it) was the by mail one. That would have been so exciting!

Some other name ideas:

The Blog Test Kitchen
Same Recipe, Different Channel
Fresh Approach Variations
Recipe Variations
One recipe, one hundred versions (or variations)
Recipe Blender
Recipe Report

OK - I'll stop now

McAuliflower said...

I like it.

It's deceptively simple, but is a great way to be able to taste what everyone else is cooking(duh).

It's kind of like an Om moment. A food meditation- where we are all focusing on the same taste at the same time.

Can we bring about food peace with this? Maybe bring an end to hunger...

Rachael said...

I posted the recipe this morning, and just came back to read this, when I realized I totally lifted your "Om" comment McA! (Entirely subconcious Im sure...LOL) but had to give props now that I notice.

I hope people like the recipe and will join in!