Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[RSS] problems?

One of my readers sent me a nice email which alerted me of a problem I apparently have...

I've been having a lot of trouble with your news feeds, though--both
the standard Atom feed provided by Blogger & the FeedBurner feed that
you've provided a link to.

For some reason, they list the previous ten posts as New every single
time you post a new entry. I can't figure out why--it doesn't happen
with any other blogs (I track almost 800 feeds in my reader,
NetNewsWire for OS X) and your blog DOES validate on It's kind of a mystery.

Anyway, I thought I would let you know about it so you could maybe
check your code or check with Blogger or something. I've also
reported it to the maker of NetNewsWire in case he can figure out
what's what.

(And while I have your ear, I'd like to request full post feeds
rather than summaries if possible--I like to read blogs right in my
feed reader rather than loading everything again in a web browser.)

So I managed to change the last request to full posts feeds, that bit was easy.
Does anyone have any clue how I can go about tracking down the other problem.
About RSS feeds, I am virtually clueless.

This post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Andrew said...

I cant help but I find it is not the last ten that get marked as unread. I normally get 15 from your site and 25 from the scool

Jennifer Maiser said...

Well, not to complicate things, but that doesn't happen for me with either B/P or FBS. I'm using the atom feed of both. Just don't want you to think that it's happening to everyone.

mrs d said...

Hey Sam,
I'm vitually clueless too, but just to let you know, your feed works fine on my Bloglines list, but it does come in as shortened (not full) posts there.

Which brings up my question: I recently had the same request from a user who wanted a full post RSS feed. I changed my primary feed to ATOM with Smartfeed activated on feedburner (since that's what I'm told works for Movable Type), and according to the user he does now get the full feed... but, it's still showing as shortened versions with no photos on Bloglines.

Perhaps someone here with an RSS background could do a boot camp post or two or three for those of us trying to figure this all out? (pretty please with cream and sugar on top??)

Jennifer Maiser said...

mrs d, could it be your bloglines preference? check your subscription for the blog to see that the display preference is full text ...

mrs d said...

Nope, preferences are set to full text. Drat. I was hoping this would be one of those DUH moments...

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