Monday, August 08, 2005

[Multiple questions] Help needed ASAP

Forgive me for breaching the posting etiquette, but I am rather desperate. I have a big article coming out in the newspaper this week, and I need to institute some things on my Typepad-hosted blog before Wednesday. I can do all this stuff easily in regular HTML design, but Typepad is confusing and difficult and counter-intuitive. Argh.

First, and most importantly, I cannot figure out how to add in the Google search code.

2) I want to add a Paypal button.

3) Is it possible to add in keywords in Metatags?

Thank you in advance for ANY assistance you can provide.


Jennifer Maiser said...

I can help with the google search.
(this is assuming you have typepad basic or plus, not pro)

1) Add a new typelist. Type = Link. If you do not want a title to your typelist, just enter a space. (mine says "Search this site")

2) Edit configuration. Under "Advanced Configuration" change "Display notes" to "as text".

3) Add a new item with no title or link url. Use the following in notes (changing my fogcity url to a smallfarms one wherever necessary - I think 2 places)

(oye - blogger won't let me put the code into a comment. find the google info here.

4) Add the typelist to your current blog template.

Let me know if something on here is confusing. This will probably give you an idea of how to do the paypal one as well.

Tana Butler said...

Thank you, Jen -- Farid Zadi just forwarded that information to me, and I just got the Google link to work. Thank GOD.

And I have decided to use the Amazon donation system instead of to figure that out. I just learned that some casual linking to some Amazon items at a food board I post at earned me $50. Whee!

I think my eyes are about to fall out from all this reading, though. : D