Thursday, August 11, 2005

(Blogger) Help with Comments

Anyone know how I can put that thing on the sidebar where it shows bits and pieces of recent comments left?


Owen said...

If you look carefully through Sam's nice menu on the right of this page, about halfway down, just above the Page rank icon from Google is a little link with a dashed line under it called Blogger Hacks - click that and you'll get a site that gives the detailed instructions - warning - it is rather techy!

Sam said...

here is a link to the hack i used here on food blog s'cool.
owen is right - it is a bit techy - you have to sepcify your tiime stamp stuff in a certain way.

Cate said...

Thanks for the help, guys! It was actually a lot easier than I thought, and now have it up. Now last question, is there a way to have it display some of the actual words of the comments, as opposed to just the person's name and what post they're commenting on?

2-minute Noodle Cook said...

Are you after what I have got at mine using the same hack?

2-minute Noodle Cook said...

Sorry pressed the button and posted too soon:

Look for original lines of hack:

Replace "expt" with "t" and vice versa like so:

This is so that the "balloon" on mouse over the recent comment now shows the post title instead of part of comment as before the swap.

Before fiddling the usual caution apply, backup before you start... I think I have some recent comments for my very unpopular blog to prove that the changes work!

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