Saturday, August 20, 2005

template test

I have added something to the Food Blog Scool 'create post' template. I hope it doesn't confuse people. I will see how we call get on with it and might add further, advanced features, if it seems like we are all able to handle it. Jen pointed out to me (and I had been noticing the same thing), that is annoying: We can't click through to the poster's site automatically when they ask a question, especially a Q related to their site's look. Not everyones' registered user name matches their blog name, so its not always easy to work out who wrote the post.

So I have added the following to the post template, and I hope you will all find it easy to replace Sam and Food Blog Scool with your own name, blog name and url whenever you create a post. If this doesn't make any sense at all, please ask. You just need to change things, you don't need to delete anything - where ever it says alt= the following words are invisible in the published post. At least I think they are. Let's see...

This is what the template will look like:

<span style="font-size:75%;" alt = "this changes the font size, making it smaller or bigger. You can edit the percentage number on the left, default at 75%, to make it bigger or smaller for your post">

Replace this line with the main body of your post

This post was written by Sam <alt = "change Sam to your own name"> from <a href = "" alt = "change the food blog scool url on the left to your own blog url ">Food Blog Scool<alt = "change words Food Blog Scool on the left to your own blog name"></a>

</span><alt = "end of font size">

This post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Amy Sherman said...

Genius! I've been thinking the same thing too. What a great solution. Thanks Sam.

ps thhe workd verfiction is hardt o do adter drinkling

Sam said...

not as hard as trying ot make english muffin dough (after drinkgint:)

Rose said...

That helps a lot. Makes things much easier to navigate. Great work Sam.

P.S. might be a bit late for Rachel Ray event--just got back from islands in the south and working on it now.

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