Thursday, August 18, 2005

[calendar] in the next couple of weeks

There sure are a lot of food blog events popping up all over the place! I have as many as I could find in my sidebar at the delicious life, but I thought I'd put a little reminder here...

Thursday, August 18 - oi! that's today! Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness is hosting the first Blog Party! Cocktails and hors d'ouevre, all around!

Next Monday, August 22 - Dine and Dish has its first celebrity host, Sam of Becks n Posh. You can Be Rachael Ray for a Day, showing off the good eats around your city for under $40.

Wednesday, August 24 - Andy of Spittoon is hosting the July battle of Does My Blog Look Good in This? Photos and links to original posts should be emailed to him by the 24th.

Jeanne from Cook, Sister! has woven together a wonderful Harry Potter-esqe story incorporating everyone's July eggs on toast. The end of August is coming up shortly...Wednesday, August 31 for EotMEoTE no 10!

Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking has also announced the Really Big Cookoff, but I am a little unsure about the date - as I don't see one anywhere on the post. Rachael, help?

And keep your eyes and vegetables peeled for Paper Chef, Sugar High Friday, Is My Blog Burning? (though Clement sure has a lot of summarizing still left to do from tasteTea!), and Wine Blogging Wednesday (hint: think chocolate ;) )in September!

chow ciao, y'all! - sarah


Cate said...

You are awesome -- this is SUCH A BIG HELP! There are so many events to keep track of that I want to try and participate in, but I always forget when and where. Thanks!!!

NS said...

I believe that the deadline for The (First) Really Big Cookoff is August 19 (tomorrow).

Jennifer said...

At Our Table is hosting this month's IMBB.

Summer's Flying, Let's Get Frying!
Deadline is Sunday August 28th.

Rachael said...

Hey kids, the deadline IS tomorrow, the 19th of August for the Really Big Cook Off. I am SUPER excited to see everyones entries!

Sarah, you are a peach among women for making this quickie calendar, thanks doll!