Wednesday, August 31, 2005

[calendar] august turns to september

It's the end of August, which means it's time to turn the page on my calendar to September! Lots of events happening in the next week or so. I have as many as I could find in my sidebar at the delicious life, but here are a few reminders...

First off, just this past Monday, August 29 -
Dine and Dish no. 4 rounded up with a whole team of Rachael Rays around the world showing off what their cities have to offer for $40 a day. Thank you to D&D's first celebrity host, Sam of Becks n Posh for the creative idea and the awesome roundup! Dine and Dish no. 5 will be announced this week over at The Delicious Life, so stay tuned...

Today, Wednesday August 31, is the end of the month, so it's time for EotMEoTE no 10. Jeanne from
Cook, Sister! has...
challenged us cats
to put on our hats
and cook and post
about eggs on toast!

Today is also
World Blog Day 2005. Just a good chance to show off five blogs that are different from you that you like!

In case you didn't know,
Is My Blog Burning (the site) has been re-designed and re-purposed. The official re-launch of the site is tomorrow, Thursday September 1, 2005, but you can take a peek now. And remember all those launch parties we used to have in the Bay area waaay back when the internet was popping?! We're having an launch party...Friday, September 2, 2005. It's BYOB - bring your own BEER, baby!!

Friday September 2, 2005 is also the official "Go!" from Owen at
Tomatilla for Paper Chef Battle 11. There are some crazy ingredients this time. I nominated very small fish :)

Monday may be the Labor Day holiday, but that doesn't mean a short work week excuses you from Wine Blogging Wednesday, September 7, 2005! This month, Clotilde from
Chocolate and Zucchini would like to drink like wine for chocolate!

It's a little ways off after that until
Sugar High Friday, September 16, 2005 - Elise from Simply Recipes hosts the dessert buffet of custards!

And keep your eyes and vegetables peeled for the next
Is My Blog Burning? no. 19 (though Clement sure has a lot of summarizing still left to do from no. 17 tasteTea, and Linda from At Our Table is still rounding up no. 18 Summer's Flying, Let's Get Frying!)

This post was written by Sarah from
the delicious life


Owen said...

Just FYI I have linked the IMBB and the paper chef events together (kind of) through the use of beer. More importantly I have also added a challenge to help raise a little money for hurricane relief down in the Big Easy - as a result the Paper Chef starts early this time around and runs a little long - the post at explains all...

Sam said...

this post is the worse news ever,
i think this is the first time an IMBB and an SHF have clashed.
i guess i have to go quickly back to the drawing board.
ho hum

sarah said...


what do you mean, sam?!??!