Thursday, August 04, 2005

re-routing url addresses

My question is: I want to change my food blog's address (from to, or
possibly (do I need to pay money to get the
'typepad' outta there?)). Is it possible to make a painless
changeover without having to re-upload all of my pictures? I've been
told that other people's links to me will be lost, which makes sense
if the address changes, but will the pics go too?

Posting on behalf of Nathalie at Cabbages & Kings/Cheeseroom Reveries


Anonymous said...

I am not certain of the bottom line of your question, but HERE is some valuable information.

For about $6/year, you can register a domain at, and use a free service to bounce all traffic there to your actual website.

It's quick and painless.

Does that address your question, or do you need more help?

Anonymous said...

Typepad has a whole Domain Mapping function, where they will continue to host your blog, but with the new URL.

For example, go to and

Exactly the same site, they update simultaneously, but all my links now retain their gastronomie-sf identity.

First, you have to have a Plus or Pro account with TypePad to take advantage of this. Next, you have to register your domain via one of the hosting companies that allows you to fully manage your DNS, including A, MX and CNAME records.

Here's the link to their FAQ about it: