Wednesday, August 31, 2005

(Blogger) IE View Issues?

Had a question re: my blog the other day and while helping me out with the answer, two fellow food bloggers noted that when they view my blog in IE, my right sidebar is at the very bottom, as opposed to on the right side of my posts. Anyone have any idea how to fix this so it view properly?

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Sylvie said...

I noted this also on your site. This also occurs when I view this site "Food Blog S'cool". It is also intermittent. Some days the right sidebar is visible and then some days it falls to the bottom.

Sam said...

I had this problme the other day.
I think it was because one of my pictures had a call to align = "left"
without anything on the right which made it too wide for the main post.

I know that sounds like double dutch.

but once the bad post fell off the main page it was ok again...?

sorry i can't be more helpful than that

Cate said...

Definitely intermittent, because it happens sometimes when I view it too.

Now, all the sudden, my thumbnail picture (the one that appears next to About Me and when I post comments) is replaced by a red X and I did nothing to it. Help!