Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Professional Help?

Has anyone ever paid someone to fancy-up their blog? I just turned mine into a carnival of colors in an attempt to fix something and am totally over it.

If you have, or know of someone who would do such a thing, or you are that savvy, will you let me know? I imagine there are lots of kids who would love that info. Thanks!



sarah said...

hey rachael!

what sort of help are you looking for? someone to completely re-dsign it, or are you rather, looking for someone to help you with the geekspeak?

Rachael said...

For now, some general problem solving, but in the (near) future, a total overhaul. I just dont like how BLAND it is.

Pathetically, I was trying to follow the directions given on this site for how to make basic changes and it got out of hand. I suppose it is a little against the whole philosophy of this site to be asking to pony up cash versus do it myself, but I really am incompetant in this dept! LOL

Brandon said...

I'm looking for the same thing--I accidentally trashed my old template and although I've tried to play with the templates Blogger provides and make them more interesting design-wise, I'm such a novice (and so annoyed with the whole process), I'd love to talk to someone else about an overhaul.

Tana Butler said...

>>If you have, or know of someone who would do such a thing, or you are that savvy, will you let me know<<

I am that savvy, at least when it comes to making graphics.


HTML and graphic design are ten thousands times easier for me than learning Typepad. Gah! I just want to point and click, not have to think about what I'm doing.


Owen said...

The following all have nice(ish) pre-built templates or help on building templates


I have not had any help with doing mine (you can tell by looking at it!) but part of the fun for me is learning this stuff.

I can HIGHLY recommend Robin at www.takeflightgraphics.com - she is really good and a joy to work with - extremely professional - but she isn't cheap and nor should she be - she does corporate website design for a living. She did the cover for our Digital Dish book.

Andrew said...

I can help out with graphics, html and design if you need someone.