Sunday, August 28, 2005

{general} How to get folks to read a new blog?

I started my blog a while back as a part of my food business web page. Due to a recent accident, I've had some enforced inactivity, and have been enjoying reading the international community of food blogs. I've made an effort to upgrade my how do I get people to visit and leave comments? I notice that the overwhelming majority of comments are posted by other bloggers and I've tried leaving comments where it seemed appropriate, not just to get my name known. Is there any other way to get more exposure?

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Andrew said...

It comes with time I guess - joining in the various blogging events, leaving comments elsewhere, writing good stuff regularily, good photographs, emailing other bloggers, experimenting - but dont spam.

If you want others to look at your blog email them direct dont, as someone did the ther day on spittoon, just leave a comment against a totally unconnected post. Annoys me no end, does that.

Sylvie said...

Another mechanism to increase your exposure is through adding your site to "Food Porn Watch". With so many food blogs, this site makes it easy to scan for those sites with recent updates. As you update, your site is listed thus increasing the possibility others will visit you.

Alyce said...

Thanks, Andrew, I will keep doing that. I have seen some of the blogging events but haven't been able to get it together for them. I'll make more of an effort.

And thanks, Sylvie, I went to that site and asked to be included. That's a good idea, too.

I'll keep trying!

Cybele said...

You also might want to try linking in with other media.

Since you take photos and post them on your blog - try also signing up for a Flickr account.

With most of my candy blog photos, I'll upload them to flickr and include a link to my full story on my blog then share the photo out to other food-centric groups.

You also might want to set up feeds. If your site has a feed (in blogger it's atom.xml), you might want to include that link in your right nav area. Make it easy for folks to subscribe to you. Feedster makes it pretty easy for folks to find your feed in a variety of readers.

Find out how people are currently getting to your site. Do you have some sort of stat counter? I'm finding that about 40% of my traffic comes from bookmarks, about 30% from search queries and 30% from folks clicking in from other sites.

Your blog is still young. It usually takes about a year to hit your stride. I know, it can be frustrating but keep providing good, consistent content and they'll come.

Kristy said...

Here's a great site I found where you can submit your pics and drive traffic to your blog. It's new but I've still gotten quite a few visitors from them.

fabrizia said...

thanks Andrew adn Sylvie, I think you need to be very patient and consistent. i have started my new blog and i am very frustrated by the fact that nobody reads it!I find your suggestions very usefull and I shall follow them! thank you!! I didnt quite understand what Cybele is suggesting....