Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So I'm not even sure how I found this site, but it seems that if you have more than 1000 visitors a day you can make money having FoodBlogAds.

Looking through the list of blogs one could post an ad on, I see a few of my fellow pupil's sites. (I wont out anyone, but there are at least six Food Blog S'cool participant sites that I see on first glance)

For those of you doing this, I have a few questions! Such as, how did you end up at that site? Did they contact you? And, does it seem like a good thing? Im super curious.

Thanks to everyone who answers!



Derrick Schneider said...

I've talked to a few people who use BlogAds (not just food bloggers), and they seem to be more profitable than Google's AdSense (though they're also more intrusive).

It's certainly a good idea, letting you set your own prices. I feel like someone told me you had to approve the ads, which is notably different than AdSense.

Kate Hopkins said...

How did I get involved? Quite literally an invite appeared in my inbox. Adam (of Slice), tracked me down and asked me if I wanted to partake. I've been doing it ever since.

To answer a few of yoru questions? Is it a good thing? Well, good is a relative term, but yeah, I think there are benefits to blog ads. You can reject ads, and list them on your site in an order you so desire. They do bring in more scratch than Adsense, but truth be told, I haven't really worked on making Adsense work for me.

How much have I made from BlogAds? Since starting up in May (I believe), I've been able to pull in a little under $300. Not alot, but enough to pay for my server, hosting fees and other associated costs.

Some drawbacks?

- The ads themselves are somewhat bulky and hard to aesthetically incorporate into your blog design.

- The prices that the market is setting for blog ads are far less than the commercial web ad rates by a great amount. Being blogads are relatively new, I expect there to be a correction on either end of the market.

- I've noted that those who have advertized on the food blog ads have not yet return. This could mean nothing, or it could mean that blogads aren't particularly effective for the advertisers. *shrug* No one seems to know.

Overall though, my experience has been positive. My readers haven't complained about taking ads, and it's nice to see some restitution for what has been a lot of hard (but enjoyable) work. Making money from these ads have led to some other meta issues that I won't address here.

Rachael said...

It seems like a good thing then! Honestly, I am amazed it actually generates revenue. I like that you can reject ads. Do you get a lot you feel you have to reject? And overall, is this just adding more work (rejecting, formatting, etc) or is it pretty cut and dried?

Thanks again!


Rachael said...

I just read on Breakfast at Tiffany's that she was "sponsored" to become a member of blogads.

Do you have to be "Sponsored" to do this?

(are blogads and foodblogads even related?)

Kate Hopkins said...

Rachael...sorry it's taken so long to respond.

To your questions:

Do you get a lot you feel you have to reject?

In the several months I've been part of blog ads, I've not yet rejected an ad. I've considered doing so for one ad, because it wasn't a food ad. But I didn't think that was a valid enough reason. Instead, I buried the ad beneath the other, more relevant, ads.

Is this just adding more work (rejecting, formatting, etc) or is it pretty cut and dried?

It's actually fairly seemless. Other people do the formating, and once you put the code on your site, your job is essentially done. You sit back and wait until you get an e-mail telling you someone has submitted an ad. You click on the link, and either reject it or set its display listing. The hard work is done by the folks at Blog ads.

Do you have to be "Sponsored" to do this? I do not know the answer to this, only because I was one of the first people who signed up on the food blog ad network. I was sponsored, but I was part of the initial testing, so I have no idea if it's changed since. Send an e-mail to Adam of Slice to see what's up there.

are blogads and foodblogads even related? Indeed they are. Food Blog Ads are a network of ads administered by the folks at Blogads.

Hope this helps!

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