Thursday, August 18, 2005

[Blogger] Categories?

Ironically, I wasn't sure how to categorize this question about categorizing posts. I want to do it, but I'm not sure how. Please help!


Tana Butler said...

Is this spam or WHAT?

Mike of Webhosting New isn't a food blogger. And he's pimping GoDaddy (ack!).

I vote no comments by anonymous, and I also vote to delete comments by people who are just pimping their own sites.

Can we vote? Sam? Gang?

NS said...

I'll second Tana's motion, especially since it was apparently met by two more anonymous spammers (one of whom couldn't even figure out how to include a link to his/her site).

sarah said...

how strange, today , i got almost TEN spam comments, all with different, but similar subjects like google cash, adult acne, other annoying!

anyway, i dont think there is a way to do categories in blogger like in other software programs like typepad and stuff. i think you can get aroud that with tricky ways - i know that we looked at this subject a few months back, and what some bloggers do is create entire new blogs for each category, then double post to that blog and the main blog. then the link to the "category" is actually a link to that other blog. i think sam does that on becks and posh.

when i have some free time, like in about oh, never, lol! i'll prbably try to do the same thing.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Sarah - I was afraid of that! I hadn't thought of the double-blogging, will ponder that possibility :)

Tana Butler said...

Who has admin privileges to delete the spam from this anonymous scrotal ooze?


Sam said...

hey guys - please jsut ignore them.
i will delete them whenever i see them.

tana - blogger does not have the facility to disable anonymoous comments yet, sorry.

I did ask for admin assistants for this blog a while back but nobody volunteered.
I will put another request out soon.

I will think about what the task entails and then address it as a post

NS said...

Thanks, Sam - all of your efforts here are certainly very much appreciated.

Incidentally, and just for my edification, doesn't the Blogger option (under "Settings", "Comments") for allowing comments only from registered users have the effect of blocking truly "anonymous" comments? I also just noticed the option there for word verification on comments - which, though a bit of a pain for legitimate commenters, is one way for impeding automated programs from spamming a blog.

Sam said...

ha ha NS
i am finding out the same thing as you at the same time
I just made a post about it :)
I didn't want to stop casual food bloggers who aren't registered.
But maybe everyone is registered these days anyway?

I am starting with the word verification.

Lets see how that goes first.

Tana Butler said...

Feel free to delete my rude posts, Sam. Not to be confused with SPAM. Heh.

I would be fine helping with admin when it comes to deleting anonymous spam posts...

I also would suggest the possibility of a forum (using Invision software) that prevents unregistered users from posting unless they provide a real name and an actual (non Gmail, non Yahoo, real account--not a freebie that anyone can get).

I think Invision is pretty easy to use, and almost easy to install. I know a guy who does so for $10. (Well, if I can find him again, that is.)

There are a lot of advantages to a forum, especially as numbers grow and topics are more diverse.

Tawk amongst yer non-spamming selves.

Sam said...

that's an intersting idea.
go ahead if do it if you want to.
I won't be closing this food blog scool down any time soon.

I think its great to have a blog as a forum for blogging questions, rather than a news group.
one of the best things is that it shows up on food porn watch (which many food bloggers, I imagine, use)
it can also be read in RSS feeders - ha - when i actually add the rss code so people can see what the rss feed is. another one of my list of 'to do'
you can add pictures, use blogging code (which is afterall what we are all trying to learn).

I am a little off forums and more into blogs these days myself which is why i started this forum.

a few food bloggers have started forums on their sites, including one on IMBB. they never really generated any traffic about food blog scool related Qs, even though some people like McCauliflower and myself tried to get some discussions going.

Food Blog Scool seems to have been far more successful. It is useful that anyone can search through the archives, too.

Also, sometimes anonymous commenters leave interesting comments, or people who don't want to join food blog scool can post something up too.

I didn't want to make into an exclusive little membership club - I wanted it to be for all food bloggers of all experience, which is why I set it up this way.

We have many contributors to the comments who are not members, and I would like it to stay that way, personally.

Sam said...

ps - of course - if everyone would prefer a members only forum instead do please speak up - I am only stating my own personal preference.

Jennifer said...

Sam Breach (Sixy Beast) said...
when i actually add the rss code so people can see what the rss feed is. another one of my list of 'to do'

Food Blog S'cool does have a feed already for those looking for one. Blogger builds them into all their sites:

Sam said...

yes - but i thought i should get a feedburner one with a little logo like andrew told e too.

thats what I am meaning to do.

all this code stuff does my head in.
AAaargh !

:) I am going to bed

Ruth said...

I like Sam's notion of keeping this open and allowing anonymous comments. It seems easy enough (although annoying) to delete obvious spam.

As a relative newbie - and certainly a technophobe - I don't even know what rss feeders are, although my husband tells me I'm set up (but I digress), I love the opportunity to gain from more experienced bloggers.

That said, I AM a member of Food Blog S'cool, just more of a taker than a sharer.

Sam, thanks so much for all your hard work in moderating this.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Sam - I am totally with you on this format being a blog. I hardly read anything these days that doesn't show up in my RSS feeder.

Does blogger allow you to create a comments feed (an RSS feed that updates as comments update)? I'll try to do some research on that. May be interesting for a forum like this where so much can go on with comments that I end up checking the site even when there aren't new posts.

Anyway, I am totally willing to help admin, though it may be a good idea to have someone who knows blogger better than me do it.

The success of this forum really shows in how active it remains. You are doing a great job.