Friday, August 05, 2005

Get Funky

Sam asked me to post this.

Meagan of I Heart Bacon and Eliz of Yum are hosting a real and Virtual 40s - 70s Party on Aug. 15th. In conjunction with this much-anticipated soiree, I'm hosting a Does My Blog Look Tacky in This photo contest. We encourage everyone with fond (or not so fond) memories of Jello Salads and Pimento Loaf on Ritz Crackers to join us for the social event of the season.


drbiggles said...

Oh man, I have the perfect post and am going to, make it, I think. So, busy.

Okay, I'll do my entry tomorrow. I promise and it'll be GRAND !!!


Kevin said...


I have great faith in your lack of taste. But Cynthia has set a high starting bar:

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