Thursday, August 11, 2005

changing domains

My blog is currently at I am considering changing to Typepad will allow me to change over all links, and none of my old links will break. But I am still wondering if there is any downside to this ... ie., am I going to lose my rankings, etc, because my links will be diluted between two urls?

Does anyone who's done this have advice?

Right now I just have as a forward.

Thanks -


Fatemeh said...

Hey Jen -

Your page rank will probably catch up pretty quickly -- when I got my "real" domain, I just did a Google link search, and emailed everyone who I knew was linking to me and asked them to please change their URL for me.

Of course, the posts linking to you might be left the same, but their blogrolls, etc. can be updated easily.

Jeanne said...

I didn't experience much of a loss (but I'm heavily trafficked!) in traffic. As Fatemeh mentioned your pages will catch up as mine did also.

Domain masking (of the blog address) vs. domain forwarding is a bit more complex and time intensive. It took Typepad, Dotster and I about 6 days to get this in place.

Jeanne said...

Small correction: I am "not" heavily trafficked. (Someday soon I will be ;-)

William Conway said...

I just switched my site over to a "real" url. It took Google about a week or two to catch up. I'm jealous of you Typepad folks, I had to "rewire" all my hard links by hand.

mipmup said...

when i did it, it seems like i lost my bloglines subscribers. other than that, it was seamless.

drbiggles said...

The internet moves so darned quickly you'll hardly even notice the lag. JUMP NOW !!!

Tana Butler said...

I have wondered about this myself, because I get high on the Google list with some pretty broad search terms. I am just hoping that when I move away from Typepad that I'm still up there in the Googling.

(Do you notice the hits you get from the strangest things on Google?!)