Friday, August 05, 2005

[Blog Promotion] How to Promote a Blog

Hello everyone. I just received my invitation to join today and am very happy to be here. I've been working on my cooking blog for a few months and really think it's starting to take shape.

I wanted to start a topic where we can discuss ways of promoting our blogs. What techniques have you used or have you considered using?

What do you think about:

-Directory submissions
-Word of mouth
-Search engine submission
-Pay Per Click (like Google Adwords)
-Link exchanges
-E-mail marketing

I look forward to discussing food and blogging with everyone!


Farid Zadi said...

Word of mouth has worked pretty fast for me. But I have a built in audience base with the school and the entire school system.

My blog also has published authors who are writing original content for it to post like articles and alot of really knowledgeable writers from different cultures. I'm planning on sending out press releases.

Also I just discovered the use of tags through techoncrati (sp?) I don't if this will work. I just added them a little while ago.

Hope this helps

Rachael said...

Food And Cooking - If you look through this site there are a lot of ideas on how to promote your blog, and a few discussions on why people promote (or don't).

It's super great you have such a successful blog, but I'm certain you are in a very unique situation, with your built in audience and published authors and all...not exactly something the rest of the blogging world can claim. Press releases are a great suggestion though! Good luck with everything!

paul said...

Like Rachel said, most of the items on your list have either been praised or despised (maybe that's to strong a word) in the discussions here.

On my regular blog, I recently linked to "How to be Heard", an article on how to become a popular blog. In my comments on the article I questioned whether the main goal of any blog should be popularity above all else.

The best way to promote your blog is to create engaging content that others will want to link to. Farid is a perfect example, with excellent authors and great content.

Linking to others with engaging content, and participating in discussion will get you the links you need to get noticed in the first place.

Jennifer said...

Personally, I'm more likely to visit and revisit a site if there is an RSS feed or something similiar. Blogger and Typepad sites have the feature built in, but there are so many other food blogs I would visit more often if only they had a feed.

Farid Zadi said...


I think that any popular blog speaks to an audience. That's what I meant. And it's a matter of finding your voice and targeting that audience.

Andrew said...

I base my 'promotional activities' on how I use the internet - I never use those free directories so never bother submitting the site to them for example. In the past I did try and dont recall seeing any referrals from them at all; search engines dont like them much either by all accounts.

I am a big fan of technorati and tags and RSS feeds so utilise them as best I can.

Things like blogexplosion are pointless - I looked at my usage of them - at one point I was interested in blog design and found the stream of sites useful but to engaged full time readers it was rubbish. You only visit a site for the 30 seconds before clicking on to the next - lucky if you even read the first post. Thats how I used it and imagine it is the same for all.

What I am presently concerned with though is that the food/wine sphere is becoming too insular - are your readers also wine/food bloggers? how many participants in WBW/DMBLGIT/EOMEOTE etc etc are non-foodie bloggers? It is the same in the techie fields - it seems many just write for other techies/geeks who just write for other techies/geeks. The community feel in the wine/food blogeratti is great but from a marketing/promotion point of view it could be really limiting.

Rose said...

What's the goal with your blog? Why are you blogging to begin with? These are questions that are key to how and if you want to promote your blog.

Are you looking to your blog as a way to a book deal (successfully done by bloggers--non food ones that I know of)? Or are you looking to get a big enough audience to find sponsorship though advertising?

For myself, I'm just looking to do this as an outlet for my mini-obsession with food. It's for me. and for local audience of family and friends. If others view it or comment, that's great, but I'm not looking to promote it in anyway other than personally mentioning to people i know.

Andrew said...

Yeh, I think Rose is right. If you are happy posting recipes and thoughts for just you and your friends.. not worried about Google Adverts or search engine rankings or gaining a huge readership then 'promotion' is not really necessary.

If however you are trying to make a name for yourself, money too of course, publish a book or whatever then everything you do on your blog - from the name of each post, the overall design, the professional writing etc etc should all play a part in your 'promotion'.

Culinary Fool said...

You might also check out one of the very early posts: How to Drive Traffic. There was a pretty good discussion about that post.

~ B

Food and Cooking said...

Thank you all for the great feedback. I'm in the process of reading all the links everyonoe posted right now.

Tana Butler said...

I am very happy today. The Santa Cruz Sentinel somehow found my blog, interviewed me back in May, and today it's the feature story in the food section.

Here is the story. There are a few minor errors, but it's still pretty good. And she linked directly to three food blogs I mentioned back in May: Heidi Swanson, Jen's Life Begins at 30, and Keiko's Nordljus. Yay.

Food and Cooking said...

That's awesome!

Elise said...

Tana, congratulations! and a great reminder of the power of the popular press.

A note to everyone regarding promoting your blog. You don't have to wait for a journalist to contact you. Back in October 04, I sent Mike Dunne, the Food Editor of the Sacramento Bee, a short email saying essentially, "hey if you are ever considering writing an article on food blogs, you have one in your own backyard. I'm happy to show you around the great food blogs out there." I didn't hear anything from him for two months, then all of sudden in the middle of December he called me and emailed me (I was on vacation) wanting to come by and interview us. The result was a wonderful cover article in the Food Section of the Sacramento Bee a month later, not only highlighting my site but also with lots of references to several of the other food blogs I recommended he review. The article has since been syndicated and reprinted in the Detroit Free Press, the Marin Independent Journal, the Oregonian, and others. All from one little email.

Journalists are always looking for stories, especially those with an interesting local angle. It's their job. You are doing them a favor if you hand them a story on their lap, especially if you help educate them on blogging and the whole food blogging community. Rarely do they do a write-up on just one site. The "movement" angle gives more credibility to the local story.

Laurie said...

Elise is correct. I'm a freelance journalist as well as blogger and I love it when people contact me with ideas for stories. Most local newspapers are the same. Good Luck!

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