Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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I've found that when I post comments to people running Moveable Type I often end up with a "Page cannot be displayed" error. I use IE as my browser. Has anyone else noticed such a problem?

This post was written by Kevin from Seriously Good


Andrew said...

It is probably the site owner not setting up the comment page correctly. You should tell them...

Ed Charles said...

Try using Firefox. It's recommended for MT and is far superior to IE

Shauna said...

I agree with the Firefox suggestion. I have a Mac, which the PC world doesn't seem to like. And IE was a nightmare. Now, though, Firefox makes everything easy.

Kevin said...



Ed & Shauna,

I tried out Firefox and didn't like it. Besides, I'm not about to quit using a program I've been reasonbly happy with for six years (and that constitutes an 80% market share) just to post comments to a few Web sites.

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