Saturday, March 04, 2006

(Blogger) Drafts Posting When Publishing

How come every time I go to publish a post, it will include any drafts I have sitting there? Is there a way to prevent this? It's frustrating because I try to be ahead of the game and start a few that I know will be in the next few days (i.e., ARF/5-A-Day templates, etc.)., but then it goes and releases them... help?

This post written by Sweetnicks.


Kalyn Denny said...

I'm puzzled because I always have 5-10 drafts saved in Blogger and I've never had this problem. I don't get how publishing one post can cause another one to get published? Tell us more about what exactly is happening.

Cate said...

For example, last week, I had started my ARF/5-A-Day round-up, to get some of the early entries in, and saved it as a draft (this was the day before the post went up). Then Monday night, I did my regular post, published it, then republished the whole blog. I happened to have a typo in the half-started ARF entry that was a draft, and two people e-mailed me that they had gotten my draft in their RSS feed, and to alert me of the typo... that help?

Peter Cherches said...

I haven't had that problem, but I'm wondering if you can set blogger to publish from a draft and update the date/time stamp so it will sort correctly. Mine come out with the original date, so when I'm ready to publish I have to start a new post & cut & paste from the draft. There must be some kind of setting I'm missing.

Joe said...

Peter -

You don't have to cut and paste. Below the box where you are typing in your post there is a link called "Post and Comment options"

Clicking that will allow you to reset the time/day to whenever you want.

Peter Cherches said...

Thanks. I should have read the instruction manual. Actually, they don't really make it very obvious.