Friday, March 17, 2006

[MISC] blog addiction

happy st. patrick's day everyone!

okay now that that is out of the way, perhaps this post is not quite appropriate for school, but sometimes i look at fbs as therapy. LOL!

the last few days, blogger completely whacked out. a few days ago, it was down for about 45 minutes, and i was like, "okay, no big deal." plus, it was planned, i.e. they put a notice up on the "status" page saying it would be down. like i said, no big deal, because um, i guess i could find something else to do with my time (but what?!?! just kidding, i had to take a shower or something right?)

last night, blogger wonked out BIG TIME.
~ about 8:30PM - someone emailed me and said - "i can't access your site."
~ i went to my site. and received a 403 error. i thought, "not a big thing, they have done this before - must be maintenance"
~ i got a few more emails and IMs
~ FOUR HOURS LATER, the site was still down.
~ i woke up this morning, i had three emails, one even as late as 7 am saying they couldn't access my site
~ the blogger "status" page says something about a filer and replacing it. still. this is almost 12 hours later

i can't tell you what this did to my traffic, which i know will be fine once the site is back up.

but i will tell you that i didn't know how insanely addicted i was to blogging. when the site was down for the first hour, it was an irritiation, but i remained calm. after two hours, i was sort of nervous. i was constantly refreshing my site's page (ever 20 seconds?) like i had a nervous tick. after more time, i couldn't take it. i got up and paced around my apartment, drank some water, and started muttering to myself, and i'm sure i was using very nasty language when referring to the evil dark overlord called "blogger." i opened up ms word to just simply write. i couldn't. i kept clicking over to the internet to check. every time, i got the error message, and every time, i swore and wanted to punch my laptop, pull my hair out, scream, etc. i might be a problem. i mean, those are withdrawal symptoms, right?

sorry for the rant-ish post. i think i just needed to get that out, and you know, see if anyone had the same thing happen, and if they were psychologically scarred like me after that. lol!

This Post was written by sarah from the delicious life


Kalyn said...

I have to confess I was also wigging out, only my site was not down but I couldn't post anything and if I got comments they didn't show up. After a while I was even thinking of watching TV or reading a book, but I didn't go that far.

Rose said...

I couldn't access a few blogger sites last night...yours and monaspple included.

I know it is irritating..go for a walk, ride your car to some distant area of LA, go visit friends or relatives...don't worry, it's just the internet.

sarah said...

hm, you know that is still happening to me - comments not showing up.

kalyn - did they ever eventually show up for you? i am worried that people will think they are commenting and i am moderating, but i'm not. and i dont want to lose comments, especially after i posted about how much i love them! *sigh*

i just tried to post a comment on ym own site, and it hasn't showed up.

boo_licious said...

I also had the same problem and I thought I was the only one until I found the blogger help group.

Now I got my site back but I'm still unable to publish any new entries. Aargh! I hope they solve things soon as this is really freaking me out.

Cate said...

Definitely had Blogger issues last night too. I got my post in, but it wouldn't let me publish it until this morning, and even then, it wasn't acting right. Hope all is well tonight... I hate to disappoint the people who come in the morning, looking for a fresh post... :)

William Conway said...

Sarah, don't worry. I finally confessed to my wife last night that I was totally obcessed with my blog. Now that that's out of the way, we can try and rebuild our marriage. I'm sure many of you know how destructive making your spouse wait for dinner (while you snap pictures) can be.

The problem seems to be centered around Blogspot-hosted accounts. I host mine "off-site", and I could publish and edit as I pleased.

Kalyn said...

Sarah, my comments did eventually show up. Today it seems like everything is okay (cross fingers).

boo_licious said...

I tried to publish a new post for WCB - blogger just couldn't take it. My site crashed and I had just a white coloured site with pixs/links. I just deleted the WCB post and managed to get it back online but I suspect it's still very unsteady.

Sarah and Kalyn, your sites look okay.

sarah said...

okay, i am starting to freak because the site does not load - just a COMPLETELY BLANK WHITE PAGE. not even an error message.

if blogger lost my stuff, omg - i think i might have to committed into an asylum.

Sam said...

How to over come this:

1) go to cooking classes on Thursday evenings, instead of blogging.

2) Instead of looking at your blog first thing in the morning, instead arrange to rendezvous for a 7.15 am for breakfast with a fellow blogger.

Then you will be blissfully unaware of the blogger problems, even if it does cost you $40 in parking tickets because at that time of the morning your vision is too blurry to read the street cleaning signs.

Sam said...

sarah - i have had those freak out moments a couple of times

i rest assure myself by cchecking an archive post
still there, phew,

or logging into blogger and seeing all my posts sitting happily there.

i hope yours are sitting happily there.

I have my fingers crossed for you.

Barbara said...

Even though it put Zak through hell to move my posts off of blogger onto my own site, I am glad he did it. (Don't ask me how he did it--he's the computer geek. I barely know from html!)

But I remember when Blogger would burp or whatever it was doing when it would go down like that and it would mess with my mind.

Having lost a lot of my writing (over two hundred recipes, once) from my computer because Norton Utilities ate the database, I always get paranoid that my writing will just in a blink, disappear again.

As for being addicted to blogging--I have been working to curb that addiction.

I took up crochet again. And plan to go back to quilting.

And no, I am -not- going to start a blog to write about those pastimes. Nope. No way.

cookiecrumb said...

Barbara: I joined a gym. Anyone notice my posts are getting shorter and I've had it up to *here* trying to take pictures of my food? :D
That said, I was TWITCHY last night when I couldn't post.

Sylvie said...

Luckily I stayed away from posting last night so I missed any problems. Sarah, I wish you luck, I got the white blank page about 2 minutes ago.

Kalyn said...

Sarah, I had two links to you in a "Food Blog Finds" post on March 12, and when I click on either of them, everyting looks fine. So it is there somewhere. Take deep breaths.

boo_licious said...

Sarah, your site is back online! Mine seems to dissapear and then appears when I republish again so I guess you need to constantly check on it.

paul said...

Don't worry. It's not a real addiction until you start blowing hard earned money on hosting. Then you'll find yourself robbing old ladies for things like more bandwidth and more mySQL databases.

One thing about this hobby is that if you can't blog, you can just go cook or eat (or drink).

Cate said...

Maybe we need a support group? "Hi, my name is Cate and I'm addicted to blogging."

To those that host their blog on their own site, anyone willing to take a non-computer geek by the hand and tell me how to do it? I own my own domain name, which I assume is the first step, but after that...?