Thursday, March 02, 2006

Customizing sidebar font

I really tried to solve this problem on my own, but to no avail :(
Sorry guys.
I'm trying to make my sidebar look cleaner. I hate how longer blog names wrap around and take up 2 and even sometimes 3 lines. I added the gmail button below my rating system, and with that change my whole sidebar font went to pot.
Every time I try to make the font smaller and preview it, it looks ok, not great, then I republish and goes right back to before.
Basically I want to shrink the size of links and spacing between letters AND between lines, overall shrink everything.
But cain't figure it out.
Thanks for anyone who can help.

Mona from Mona's Apple

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're gmail button image tag isn't closed.

That'll mess things up.

As a guide:
-means the font will be 78% of the default, or of the parent elements setting. The em number after the slash is the line height (what we used to call leading) and would be 1.4 of the height of the 'm' of the default or parent element font size.

What's the default font size? Depends on the browser. Most browsers' default is 16 pixels but many of the Blogger templates set a size in the body to size that down - like yours is set to 'small'.

Relative font sizing has its benefits, but careful when nesting percentages - in some browsers the percentages compound - in other words if you set the sidebar style to 75% and then set the links inside that sidebar to 75% you'll get a size 75% of 75% of the default size.

And you thought you'd never need that 4th grade math class.