Saturday, March 04, 2006

What do all these people have in Common?

What do Arianna Huffington, Will Wheaton, DJ Amber and Elise Bauer from Simply Recipes all have in common?

Scouting around on Technorati should help you find the answer.

Is our Elise now a member of the blogebrity?
Or the blogeratti.

This Post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


cookiecrumb said...

If it's not "cheese sandwich," I simply don't know. Don't know how to snoop on Technorati. :P
Now, this is FBS, yes? So maybe someone could give me a mini-tutorial on snooping on Technorati! :D

Sam said...

maybe I was being a little bit too tricksy.

I just noticed today that technorati has big kind of Ads with people (some famous some not - I dont know?)

all of them showing off their favourite blogs. The ads seem to change to a different person whenever a page is refreshed.

But I had definitely heard of some of them so surely they must be famous. And Elise is up there with them.

I knew she was up to something with them, but I didn't know she was going to have her smiling face beaming from their front page.

We hope you got paid, Elise!

CC - there have been a few technorati tips in the past.
Lots of people (owen:) complain about it, but even if it doesnt wrk as it should I have found it quite valuable, mainly to see who is linking to me, specially useful since personally i have recently buggered up that part of my blogger code when i tried to add the 'posts that link here' code.

K Allrich said...

Elise is, simply, a food blogging GODDESS!


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, I see. Yes.
Wait, Susie Bright??!! :o

Kalyn Denny said...

I was already quite impressed when I realized that Elise was nominated for TWO Bloggies (although she was too modest to mention it). There is no doubt in my mind that she is a blogging A-lister!! (And very nice to boot.)

I agree with Sam that Technorati is worth the trouble. Not only is it an easy way to see who has linked to you, but I get quite a few people who reach my site by searching one of their categories. It's not perfect, for one thing it takes forever to update your ranking when you get more links, but that doesn't mean that much anyway, as far as I can tell. I think there's way more good than bad to it.

Cate said...

And to think, we knew her way. Congrats to those who made the list of her "favorites." Way to go! :)

Cate said...

Ugh, I hate that you can't edit comments. Typo. "We knew her WHEN..."

Elise said...

LOL. Thanks Sam! And thanks everyone for saying such nice things. Blogerati, I love it. More like "mybigbellyrati" or "mybuttisgluedtomychairinfrontofmycomputerrati". I think the folks at Technorati contacted everyone they knew who could put together a favorites list at the last minute. I got a call in the afternoon from a friend of mine who works there with basically, "we're launching this tomorrow morning, can you drop everything and put together a list of favorite food blog sites, and write a profile, and make sure all the feeds work, and send us a photo in the next hour?"

What I like about being featured is that I get to direct the Technorati universe to our wonderful food blog community. If you look at the Techorati 100, the so-called "A-listers" you'll find that most of them are about politics and technology and are written by men (not that I don't love men, I just get tired of them hogging the spotlight), with the notable exception of Dooce. I keep telling everyone in the tech community who will listen that the power of blogging is in the passionate and playful expression of everyday life. Millions of people writing about, and connecting with others over, what they really love - food, kids, sports, etc. trump the musings of the top few hundred.

As I tried to add favorites I found that several of my well loved sites do not have their syndication or RSS feeds properly configured, so it is difficult, if not impossible to add them to Technorati faves. Technorati is a great way to expose your blog to a wider audience, so check to make sure your blog is pinging Technorati properly when you update.

Thanks everyone!

Unknown said...

Hah, I thought it was a cheese sandwhich, since I noticed Wil Wheaton blogged a cheese sandwhich last week ;p (yes, I am a geek, I read his blog)
Elise, I am glad you are getting the opportunity to raise the profile of food blogging.