Sunday, March 05, 2006

Expandable post - HELP!

I am having technical difficulties trying to expand and collapse my posts.

I followed the instructions from the post
Expandable Post Help, by Mona, Friday, January 20, 2006

but the Read more! is appearing at the beginning of my post even if I placed it where I want it to appear in my post, as per instructions. So I am obviously doing something wrong because I can see from the comments in the Jan 20 post that it worked for everyone else.......

And, In step 1 of the instructions, I inserted the listed "mainorarchive" text under:

which I found under:
/* Footer
----------- */
#footer p {

Maybe that is the wrong place ?? UGH!

Can anyone help me fix this? Thank you!

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Rose said...

I had some trouble with this as well. I asked the blogger at Brown Bread Ice Cream for help, since she wrote a whole post on it.

kishko said...

done, fixed, thank you!!

ibc said...

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