Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sidebar fix on Internet Explorer

Hi. Seems like i have been posting alot lately. I am trying to fix the way my blog (using blogger) appears in IE. Has anyone figured out a fix? Couln not find one with a search here. Thanks.

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Cyndi said...

The only difference I saw (just a quick look, though) was that in Firefox I saw a great banner pic, but in IE it was black. Do you want more details? What do you mean by sidebar? What do you want it too look like?

The Blissful Glutton said...

Sorry if I was not clear. My sidebar column drops down under the posts to IE users. I use safari and netscape on MAC and it looks fine. Just trying to fix it so it stays on the right for all users.

The Blissful Glutton said...

Also, what do you mean the pic goes black? Do you know of a fix? Thanks.