Saturday, March 18, 2006

[images] photoshop or other tools

i have been using photoshop to manipulate photos, and today, for some reason, when i try to open the application, it goes through the usual startup window, with it saying that it's loading all the files, blah blah blah, but then it just closes. not freezes, but the application just disappears from the screen. i have no idea why. i haven't touched anything.

does anyone know what might have happened? i have tried looking for answers on the site, but to no avail, and their customer support is mon-fri. if nothing else, is there a free downloadable image manipulation tool anyone can recommend?

i am beginning to think that the blogging gods are trying to tell me something.

(by the way, blogger is still having issues, but at least my blog is visible on the web - thanks to everyone who helped me stay sane over the last 48 hours)

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Ed said...

A reinstall might be the solution. I'm no help with Windows but if you're using a Mac you may need to simple repair permissions, starting up on the install disk and going to utilities.

Anonymous said...

You need to let us know what operating system and version of Photoshop you're using, please.

Anonymous said...

Before re-installing, you might want to try trashing your preference settings.

How to do that depends on your OS.

If things don't heal themselves there's always Graphic Converter as a free (shareware) tool.

Andrew said...

you sure it is not just a simple memory problem - lack of that is. have you tried again after a reboot?

Anonymous said...

hmmm...not so technically, inclined, i can tell y'all that i am on a pc, with windows 2000, running photoshop 7.0

tried un-installing, then re-installing. nothing.

tried de-gragging, disk cleanup, running my antivirus and spyware removal and rebooting. nada.

y'all are awesome, especially if we can figure out why my computer is acting as bipolar as it is.

Ziz said...

The only tidbit I have to offer is that a while back I had issues with programs doing the same thing (not photoshop, but others) and it was due to spyware on my computer. I downloaded the free version of Microsoft antispyware (from their website) as well as the AVG free edition, ran both programs and everything worked great after that.

might not be applicable to you, but just sharing.

Andrew said...

gimp ( is a free photo manipulation prog. Supposed to be good - I hate it (ie I cant get it to resize images) but you might find it useful.

cookiecrumb said...

I just wanna leave some wet kisses for Paul. I have Graphic Converter (apparently came with OS X) and I've never even looked at it before today.
Wow. Cool bag o' tricks there.
Also, I'll just leave this truly LAME confession for other Mac users. I couldn't figure out how to resize photos with iPhoto. Tried and tried. Turns out, you have to choose to "Export" a picture, and *then* you are offered the option of resizing. I just export to the Desktop, for convenience, and grab from there.

Anonymous said...


um, it took a while to figure out WHERE my preference settings were (somewhere hidden away in a settings folder), but i renamed the file and it worked like effin' magic. my photoshop is back!!!

thank you paul!!!!!!!!!!!!