Sunday, November 13, 2005

[Admin] Blog Roll Update

I took an opportunity to update the blog roll for this site.
In order to neaten it up a little bit, I decided to use dropdown blog link menus.
I divided the s'cool members into classes of 15 pupils, since this is a "s'cool"
The sites are listed in the order in which the request to sign up for the s'cool was received.
Please just oblige me and simply smile sweetly at my attempt at having a little fun with the class names.

Unfortunately - I don't think that linking in this way shows up as a "proper link" whatever that means. Ie, after doing some tests, I think if you click on a site in the pull down, it will only show up in their stats as coming from "unknown". I don't know why this is. Maybe someone can explain?

Also - I don't think these links are recognised by technorati and the likes.
Still, I think they make the site look cool and more organised and that is more important to me, at least. Hope everyone else agrees.

I plan on putting links to Sweetnick's new Sticky Date and IMBB and other community resources on the blog rollsometime in the future too.

PS - those blogs marked with an * have administrative capabilities too, you know just in case.

PPS - if I left any of you off the blogroll - it is not on purpose.
If you are a member all signed up and you appear to be missing - please let me know,

This post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Alicat said...

That is so cute Sam!! :) I am in the Horseradish class, just a quick note that my address is no longer at blogspot. it is now:

Thanks so much! :D

Kalyn said...

Sam, I appreciate Food Blog S'Cool so much that anything you want to do to make it more organized is fine with me. For me, whether the link shows elsewhere is simply a non-issue. Amazingly enough, I intuitively guessed where my name would be and found it the first time.

I just wish my real class (I'm a fourth grade teacher) had only 15 students. Currently I have 26 kids in the class. Yikes. That is too many.

Alanna said...

Works! FYI another nit correction, it's A Veggie Venture (URL is correct). Thanks for all your effort on keeping this such a valuable resource for everyone.

Joe said...

I like the changes! Looks cool!

cookiecrumb said...

I think I can handle being a Fiddlehead Fern! Thanks so much for not making me a bitter melon.

Rachael said...

Hey cookie - Bitter melons ROCK!


Actually, I'm not particularly fond of them, but as it's my "class" I'm all for them now...

Then again, Butterbeans, bell pepper, Belgian endive, Bibb lettuce, beer, beets, bourbon, basil, baby corn, burdock,broccoli, brussle sprouts and bok choy are all nice veggies and bevs that start with B too...

Rachael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FJK said...

FYI Don't know if it is just my browser doing this, but all the food scool sidebar stuff showed up way at the bottom of the page instead of where I think it used to live toward the top next to the first posts.

s'kat said...

I'm seeing the same thing as FJK- everything has dropped to the bottom.

Otherwise, what a great idea!