Thursday, November 03, 2005

Refreshing instead of auto. updating in sidebar

Hi all,
For some reason the blogs I have in my sidebar are not being updated. When I click on a link, the link takes me to old posts, and I have to click on the refresh button to see the most recent posts on my friends' blogs?! It never used to do this. Does anyone know what might have happened? It happens with some blogs and some not. SO WEIRD! And aggravating!

Mona from Monas Apple


MeBeth said...

Hi Mona,
I had the same problem. You may need to empty your cache, which I believe is done my clearing your history of sites visited. I also found that switching from internet explorer to firefox helped out. I'm no expert though.

Cate said...

Clicked on my link from your sidebar and went to today's version... so at least Sweetnicks is OK. :) Now if only I could get my sidebar from dropping below, life would be perfect. ;)

Mona said...

Thanks Mebeth, that totally helped!!!