Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anyone been fed to the lawyers?

Just wondering, has any food blogger been threatened with legal action for a bad review or anything. Or been kicked out of anywhere for taking pics or writing bad things?

Posted by Ed from Tomato


paul said...

This should never be an issue.

For some reason, I don't write bad reviews on my food blog. I'm not sure whether I'm trying to maintain an upbeat style, or if I just don't bother to write up a bad experience and give them any google rank. I will post to the local food forum if I feel I need to warn people about a place.

Rachael said...

Im pretty sure this has been covered here earlier. And there was a huge debate on this regarding...oh shoot, I forget...a bay area blog review...sorry that wasnt too helpful...LOL

Does anyone know (based on my excellent information) what Im referring to?

sarah said...

rachael - are you talking about bay area bites? (jennifer posted a link here at food blog scool to the review on their blog)

um, i have never gotten fed to the lawyers, buti have gotten some NASTY comments when i have posted my opinions and thoughts on restaurants that weren't positive. NASTY. but i left them there. they're mean, and at the time, i took offense, but shoot, when i go back and read them now, they're pretty funny.

Marc said...

The KQED Food Blog, Bay Area Bites, had the original thread on Blogger Ethics in September. It was a bit more complicated than just a bad review.

Rachael said...

That was what I was thinking of! Wow, you all amaze me!

Nosher & HungryMan said...

We got an e-mail from the owner/manager of a restaurant that we'd written about, one that had some significant problems. They seemed really grateful to hear about the issues and asked us to come back again and be open to writing an update when they'd fixed the problems. We were/are, but they haven't written us back yet.