Wednesday, November 09, 2005

(Misc) Calendar ... Just a Thought

The comments lately last week and today about calendars to keep track of events has got to me thinking. I'd be willing to put together a completely separate blog and maintain it just to list upcoming food/wine blogging events. It could be separated by month, with a link for each event going to the host/info. Would you guys be interested in something like this? Then you can just e-mail the info of your events and we'll have everything centralized. Thoughts?

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Ed Charles said...

I think its a great idea. I was thinking of doing something similar and creating a full page calendar on which to post. My It skills got the better of me though. If you can do it, it should be like this site where members can all post.
Got a great name for you: Stickydate

sarah said...

i wonder if you might check with since he already has a calendar for imbb, shf, wbw, paper chef and eotmeote?

Anonymous said...

IMBB doesnt cover half of the events.

Rachael said...

It might be nice to have a more up to the minute site that everyone can have access to to post their events big or small, to distribute the burden and whatall.

Sylvie said...

I think it is a great idea. I often read of events and Memes which aren't on IMBB. Giving individuals the opportunity to post events similar to how we post on Food Blog Scool would be centralize the postings.

Cate said...

Ed Charles - love the name, StickyDate. Can I steal it? ;)

Sarah - like Anon said, and we covered in another thread, IMBB is a great site and I don't want to step on any toes, but it doesn't cover everything. For example, Stephanie Blog Party, Sam's Utensibility, Jennifer's Entertain MeMe, Clare's Weekend Cat Blogging, etc. Thought this could cover every event food/wine-wise that people wanted to submit.

Ed Charles said...

Feel free to steal it. Great initiative.

Sam said...

I think it is a great idea.
And I like the idea of the calendar thingy silverbrow posted. Maybe there are others too/ more suitable versions of that kind of software?
Personally I think it will be better if it is a place where anyone [registered] can dive in and add an event, rather than be a place just updated by one person, which can lead to lags and delays which is probably the current problem with the IMBB site. One person (or more) like sweetnicks, could be moderator?

The IMBB site does seem only to publicize the most established events, which in my opinion is its downfall. I wrote once asking for Dine and Dish to be added to no avail. I think Ronald did actually kindly feature Utensibiity for me because at that time we could add events to the site ourselves. IMBB site currently features "No Upcoming Events" which as Sarah pointed out in her post, simply isn't true and as such makes the IMBB site of less use to all of us than it might be.

The other thing we could do is ask Ronald if he would mind adding other people to the list of his site's moderators to share the burden of keeping it up to date.

Cate said...

Sam's blessing! Now I have everything I need (NO sarcasm intended - I value your opinion very highly, ESPECIALLY after you brought us this great place).

Ed, I still love StickyDate, but I'm not going to swipe it (save it for something for you). How about The Date Plate? Very simple, easy to remember?

The service IMBB is great, but like I and others have said, it does miss out on some of the littler, equally fun events (and I know Sarah at Delicious Life) does a great job of informing us as all on her web site too.

OK, I'm going to work on putting something together today. Having it set up similar to this where there's one or two mods and all can post is no problem. My plate always overfloweth. ;)

Cate said...

Can't edit my last post, but I meant The Date PlaCe, not plate. No Freudian slip there. ;)

Sam said...

sounds like a singles bar?

did you find some good free communal software sweetnicks?

I don't have time to broach the subject with ronald yet.

Having said that - who's to say who can and can't do whatever.


Alicat said...

Great idea. I for one will appreciate a place specifically for events, rather than a lot of little posts on this website. (Not that I mind, it is just a better place to have them.) :)