Tuesday, November 01, 2005

(General) Two Questions

1. Is there a way/interest in having a Calendar section permanently on the Food Blog S'cool site, somewhere on the sidebar? With so many events, I find I end up missing some that I want to participate in. It could include regular monthly events, once-in-a-while events, weekend events, etc. Thoughts?

2. Puppy Glare. I can fix the red eye on my people pictures, but how the heck can I fix the blue/green/yellow glare that routinely shows up in puppy pictures (see my 10/31 post for example). Any ideas?

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FJK said...

Yes, I'd love a calendar. Great suggestion.

Checking out the events and contests has also brought me in contact with wonderful blogs I didn't know about before

Anne said...

I don't really see a need for a calendar here - since there's the excellent IMBB site which collects them all: http://www.ismyblogburning.com

I still like having the announcements here, too, since IMBB-site doesn't have RSS. (Hm, or does it? Anyway, this is convenient.)

FJK said...

As I've commented before on this site, I'm a blog newbie. Didn't know about the IMBB site, acutally thought those events were by invite only!

So, Anne, thanks for sharing about the site, but I will point out some of those listed here weren't there. The more info the better!

(Are there any other basic sites to know about?)

Rachael said...

IMBB does not include all events. I think the calendar suggestion is a great idea, but as was mentioned here in the past, someone just has to take charge of it...any takers? Sarah? ;-)

Cate said...

Anne, IMBB is a great site, but like Rachael said, it doesn't include everything. It would also be nice to include some of the "fun" one-time only events like Taste Everything Once's gift certificate spending spree and things of that nature. And regular weekend events (Weekend Cat/Dog Blogging, the new Weekend Herb Blogging). Dispensing Happiness' event of Blog Party, etc.

Not to step on any toes, but if there was enough interest, I'd be happy to help/maintain.

Ed Charles said...

It is true IMBB does post every event. Perhaps something open source in which people can post like on this site would be better. IMBB does have RSS.

Anne said...

Duh - I just did find the RSS-feed for IMBB. Heh. Oh well. But sure, if it doesn't have all the events, then I certainly think it'd be nice to have a calendar here, too! The more info the better!! :)

Sam said...

Hi everyone

sam checking in from europe with limited access time. The reason we didnt have a calendar here was because of the IMBB site and I didn't want to step on Ronald's toes. Maintaining a calendar is obviously hard work and requires committment. We found that not all the events were showing up on the IMBB site so agreed to just post them up here as a secondary reminder to everyone.

Maybe something is possible. I will think about it, if any one has any ideas? and sweetnicks thanks fr volunteering.

In the meantime, please everyone keep posting up the reminders when appropriate! This is the fastest way to get the news out to everyone.

Andrew said...

IMBB does a good job - i dont think there is a need for two really is there? A reminder here is good - but no need for a full calendar.

But IMBB isnt perfect - it doesnt get updated as quickly as it could be and the facility to enter your own events seems to have been removed in the last update - unless I have missed something of course.