Saturday, November 05, 2005

Paper Chef Reminder!

Hey everyone -- Just a quick reminder that this is Paper Chef weekend! I noticed that the event isn't posted over at IMBB, so I thought I'd mention it here. There's still time to participate as we'll be happy to take entries till Monday evening. (And if your excuse is creative enough, we might even let things slide till Tuesday!) For details and the four ingredients, head over to Belly Timber.

This post was written by Mrs D from Belly Timber.

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mrs d said...

I'm commenting on my own post to note that we've had very few entries so far. I'm extending the deadline through this evening for folks who still might want to participate, and I may (if it's permitted) extend it further. I'm not sure why but it seems half the blogosphere was busy this past weekend and the other half clean forgot about Paper Chef!

(Which, I should note, is another reason why we could all use a better central events calendar location...)