Thursday, November 17, 2005

Crap, not Craps!

Evil Nasty Popups that landed on my blog :(
Yesterday a kind Annymous commenter left this worrying message on my blog:

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous said…
maybe it was just me, but today when i went to your page i got a flash floating pop-over for an online casino on top of your page. that made me sad.

I wasnt quite sure what they meant until today when the same thing popped on my blog when I was checking it at home. It made me more than sad. It made me angry.

photograph picture of Pierre Herme's patisserie on the cover of Eux magazine

I have no idea how it got there. But my first suspicion lies at the door of the free software that allows you to see how many people are currently looking at your blog. I don't know if it is possible that by having a link to them, they could send pop-ups, but I don't have anythig else to go on right now. I am certain it wouldn't be blogger. So, right now I am going to go and delete that facility from my personal blog. I am going to leave it on this blog now so we can all look at it for investigatative purposes. If anyone knows for certain that it couldn't be that, then please let me know. Or if anyone has any other ideas as to what caused it, also please let me know. And if anyone still gets these popups once I have deleted the code please let me know that to. I am certain it wouldn't be blogger themselves.

This post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Andrew said...

What free thing are/were you using Sam?

drbiggles said...

OH yeah. Mine was a FREE online chat program for Meathenge.
Once you loaded Meathenge, a minute would pass, then you'd get gambling or whatever popups. Yeah, that's it.

Free my patootie.

Kalyn said...

I had seen a link on someone's blog that displayed how many users were currently visiting the blog. I thought it looked pretty fun, but then I copied the code and when I pasted it into my template the words "online casino" jumped out at me. I hadn't noticed them when I pasted it, but I was glad I caught it.

Sam said...

it's the same as the thing in the blog roll here at FBS which says X number of pupils in class at food blog scool"

Kalyn said...

Yes Sam, the one on FBS is the same company. When I click through on their link and get the code I see hidden messages too - adult dating the first time, then casinos the second time. Devious.

paul said...

Yea, their terms and conditions say:

"If this service is abused or have to many hits per hour, banners or popups could appear."

Sam said...

ok - well - they are going to be deleted off food blog scool in a minute too, then. I guess I must have got to the "too many visitors per hour level".
Perhaps food blog scool has less visitors but I am not going to risk it.
So - sorry - this service is no longer going to go and be available.


Cybele said...

I was also getting pop ups because of some webstats thing I was using (I had two, I didn't know which one was doing it, so I deleted both).

The pop ups went away on my site. I miss not having the info about my readers, but I detested the invasion.

FJK said...

Is any one using a stat service that is not causing pop ups,etc.?
If so, please pass on the name and url.

Liz said...

I use site meter ( - I've not noticed any popups. Having said that, I do use Firefox, so it may be blocking them. In the interests of science, I looked at my page using IE, and didn't get any popups then either. It's not conclusive, but it looks like there aren't any.

Kalyn said...

Statcounter is free and pretty good, although the more detailed stats are limited to the last 100 pageloads.

grace said...

i got 2 at for the time being, got no pop ups from them. neocounter ( free logs ( far, no problem.

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