Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Now, I know that many of you reading this aren't in the States as you read this. I hate to be Americentric and wish everyone here a holiday you may not be celebrating. But this is really the only holiday we have that's solely centered on food. And who couldn't use more time to stop and be grateful?

So I just want to say how grateful I am to this marvelous food community. You are a feisty, funny, alive bunch of people. Discovering this world has been the best part of my year.

Enjoy your turkeys! (Or Tofurkeys. Or gluten-free stuffing, as it may be.)

This post was written by Shauna from Gluten-free Girl


Anne said...

Right back at you, Shauna! :) And actually, I've recently adopted the Thanksgiving tradition. For the second year, I'll be having my family over for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I do it partly for a chance to meet up with everyone - we don't really see each other on christmas, since everyone celebrates in a different place - and partly to cherish my American friends. And mostly for the food. :)

Kalyn said...

I want to second what Shauna said about the wonderful food blog community. When I started my blog I was just looking for an online place for friends to find my recipes. I didn't even realize the whole food blog community existed! Since I discovered it, so many people have been so nice and friendly to me (starting with Elise, who told me about FBS, thanks Elise). I am thankful to be prosperous enough to be able to participate in such a fun hobby, and to have found so many like-minded people to share it with.

Kevin said...

Happy T'day, ya'll.

Joe said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cate said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I, for one, am particularly thankful for this community - y'all have helped me many a time, and I hope I've been able to return the favor. I, for one, am stuffed and am heading for my pillow. I've been on my feet since early this morning, and am beat.

Rose said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!