Sunday, November 27, 2005

[Blogger] Self-linking

I tried to run a search on this forum, and I discovered that in order to categorise and archive my recipe links I have to start a new blog for each section.
However, above and beyond that, why can I not link to my own archives? Eg. I created an archive page for each recipe subcategory, but when I try to link to them in my sidebar, I get an error message. Am I missing something? Or is this just Blogger being Blogger?

(if you look at my blog, to the right hand side, first section titled recipes, I tried to link)
This post was written by Linda from Kayaksoup


Sam said...

it means you don't have a post with that name.
Are you sure you haven't made a typo?
The date seems a little unusual (2001)??

There is another way to make archives without creating new blogs.
You can do it using the drop down meunus like i have on my own blog roll.

CHeck it out and if you like it let me know and I will try and write a post about how to set it up.


Sam said...

ps - i am busy this week and may not be able to write the explanation til next weekend.
I could email it more easily in the meantime if you need it faster. let me know.

linda said...

Sam, I would really appreciate the help. Email is great, but I understand you are busy and this isn't really a life or death matter. I really like the way you have yours laid out.

There is no typo, I just tried to set up the archives as far back as posible so that publishing it wouldn't show up on my front page.

Sam said...

maybe you went too far - before blogger existed?
why not go back to just a week before the blog started?

I will email you the code - no problem.
To post it here is more of a problem because i have to replace all the <'s otherwise because it is html I will actaully make the dropdown instead of showing you the code if you know what i mean.


Sam said...

ps - please can you email me your email, Linda.
I think i may have it buried somewhere, but sending it to me again would be easier.

Joe said...

Hi Linda,

I checked out your links - if you remove the / at the end of the link so it looks like this instead

It seems to work for me

FJK said...


I'd love to do the drop down rather than setting up all those blogs to create archives. How does it work? Do I need to copy and paste the posts? Would you please email the code as well? I'll email you my address
Faith - Blog Appetit

FJK said...

It might just be my browser, but I can't seem to load your webpage off your profile and the profile itself is not showing up on Becks and Posh.


linda said...

First Off, Thank you Sam! Now...anyone help me figure WHY the links don't work?

cookiecrumb said...

If you can't wait for Sam to post a how-to, or if she can't e-mail you the code, you could sneak a peek at her code by clicking on the View menu in your (oh, what's that top line of the browser called?) and selecting "Source" while you're on her page. I learn a lot of html by snooping in peoples' code.
OK, so question for Food Blog S'cool: Is that cool? I know I recently freaked out a fellow food blogger by peeking at her code, when she hadn't been aware it was public.

linda said...

Actually, Sam emailed me her source code, which I was already comparing mine against. I hope its okay to do.
And I am getting help with it now... amazing how one can obsess over the most insignificant detail of life....

Sam said...

cookie crumb send me your mail and i will emailyou the code
dont have time to write the post right now

I think snooping at other peoples' code is just fine. It's there - why not learn by it - as long as you don't steal their creative ideas.

Jen will tell you how guilty I felt after stealing the google search code off of her site when I was a green young blogger. But I dont think she minded. She never said so. If I hadn't told her, she would never have known.

Keep your lips pursed in future!

fjk - i hid my profile from my main page on purpose, but don't know why it isnt working vica versa. I get quite a few hits from my profile. I will look into it - but i have noticed that problem with lots of other people who I have tried to click to from their comments so maybe it is a blogger issue.

paul said...

Your HTML should be considered just as public as your page rendered inside a browser, and should be accepted as something open that everyone can read. It should always remain so. It's fundamental to what makes the internet what it is.

Copying one's HTML is a different story.

Cate said...

Sam, when you get a chance (and no hurry, I know you're busy), can e-mail me info on how to make the drop-downs? I've been putting links to recipes I've made/mentioned on my sidebar, but since there are so many, I think the list will be too long, thereby pushing everything else on the sidebar down, way down. Think drop-downs might be the way to go.

Alicat said...


could you email me as well with info on drop downs?

thanks a million sammy! :)

cookiecrumb said...

Paul: Thanks. That's been exactly my take on it. You can peek and learn, but you can't swipe.
Is it possible to be blocked from viewing a blog? I can no longer open the page of the blogger who freaked out.

Jennifer Maiser said...

I definitely don't have a problem with people looking at source code ... it's probably how I originally got the google search bar that Sam ended up getting from me. I second (third, fourth) what Paul says ... HTML should be out there for everyone to see. And if you can learn from my brilliant blog (or from my brilliant mistakes) then that's even better -- ha ha.

Cookiecrumb, to answer your question: I think that there are ways to hide it if you are an expert at code and such ... maybe I learned that here at some point? I think it has to do with having containers for your code and then only using the html to refer to the containers. < /geek speak >

paul said...

Cookie, you can't view the page? or the code of the freaked out blogger? They may have blocked your IP if you can't see the page, although that sounds like they really freaked out.

Yes, there are ways to hide the code, although anyone with a little knowledge can find it, since it has to be somewhere for the browser to be able to read.

Hiding HTML really isn't worth the trouble, but using the technique Jennifer hints at has other benefits (separating the content of the page from the design and styling using CSS).