Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Organizing RSS Feeds

Ok, for the moment let's put aside the "do you or don't you" discussion and talk about the organization of RSS feeds. IF you use an RSS reader on a regular basis, have you figured out a good organization system for said feeds?

I am a database person by profession, but I am having a hard time with the overarching organization for my groups of blogs. If you have a system that works for you, would you share?

My categories, flawed as they are:

TECHNORATI (This is just keyword searches, etc)

This post was written by Jen from Life Begins @ 30


cookiecrumb said...

Hi Jen:
Oh, I hope I'm in at least 7 of those categories! :D
And, flawed as I am, the one I can't help you with is Technorati.

Alanna said...

Mine are 'favorite food', 'other food', 'family & friends', 'photo', 'technology', 'news', 'life' (ie dooce), 'the funnies'. I wish it were easier to move a feed from one category to another, add 'post it' notes along the way.

Andrew said...

I use two readers. Firstly Newsgator inside outlook (and accesible online when I am away). Here I have 10 groups -

blog and productivity related
digital photography
geek bits
microsoft related
search engine related
spittoon related (ego searches, my feeds etc)
weblogs inc
wine and food related - this has news sites and just three or four wine feeds and food feeds - only a few as these are close friends or blogs I feel are the best of their type.

and then a final group that holds a few other feeds that I am not sure I will keep.

Onfolio is the second reader. Here are 57! food feeds. (plus a few more wine blogs) I use them in onfolio so it doesnt swamp newsgator. I dont read these feeds religioulsy but do like to poke a look every few days. Onfolio allows you to save snippets and pages in a 'collection' which I use when I find recipes I would like to try or something I can blog about on slashfood or spittoon/spittoonextra. The collection can also hold my own notes which I find handy.

Both applications allow the drag and drop approach to folders so I can move them around at will - the syn on/offline facilities of newsgator are very, very handy.

Rachael said...

I have never been able to figure out what an RSS feed even is! LOL

Kalyn said...

Andrew, thanks again for the good information. I previously took your advice and signed up my blog with feedburner. At the same time I started reading a few blogs on RSS using Bloglines. But I already have an account with Newsgator,and it sounds like it might be better. Right now I am only reading a few of my very favorite blogs this way, but I am already seeing why people prefer it.

paul said...

I've got a ways to go before I'm that organized, but I do have feeds organized in my Safari menu bar:

News (from traditional newspapers' feeds)
Blogs ( a handful of link-focused weblogs)
TechNews (a handful of news sites about tech/geek stuff
Food (this site and a handful of link and food news focused blogs)
Design (web building focused blogs)

That's about all I can keep up with.

Sam said...

I am with rachael. I signed up to kinja, bloglines and rojo. but none of the "do it" for me - and I think it is precisely because of this reason. I didn't work out how to organize them.

Perhaps i should buckle down and do it. Which of those three (or alternative) does anyone think I should go with?

Doesn't google have a something?

Andrew said...

I never got on with bloglines and kinja I havent tried. Rojo I almost went with and juding by the number of subscribers I have using it it looks very popular. Its the third most popular reader - after bloglines and newsgator. I only think bloglines is the most popular because it was one of the first. I just dont like how it looks/feels.

Owen said...

I was and am very keen on the idea behind news feeds and for a while subscribed heavily. But guess what? I ended up quitting because they are just not quite working out for me. As an example Food Porn Watch is a better 'news feed' for food blogs than any other I have seen. In addition for the sites I really like to look at a lot - I just go to them - it seems easier and the experience is better.

Having said all that, if someone comes up with better tools to sort and screen feeds and combine them then they may finally work out.

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