Monday, November 28, 2005

[Event] My Blog Went Up In Flames!

My Blog Went Up In Flames!

While trying to rationalize posting my hideous looking (but delicious tasting) Shortbread Cookie pictures for this months IMBB/SHF I had an idea.

I thought as a one off, people could submit your WORST food shot. Obviously, it does not have to have been posted, but bonus points if another more glam version was.

Winners will be judged on the following:

- Is is obvious what it was? The less obvious, the better
- Lighting
- Backstory
- General Unappetizingness (Not a word, but you get my point)

I certainly have a huge back log of terrible shots (Pallid Swedish meatballs in garishly violet lingonberry cream sauce with a blinding glare, anyone?) and would love to see what YOU have too. Like the owner of the worlds ugliest dog, we should take pride in ALL of our foodie photos and share!

So, if you dare, please email your shots, links and/or stories to by December 4th, I will compile a list with links for the next week.

Happy Holidays!


This post brought to you with lovin' care by Rachael at Fresh Approach Cooking


rokh said...

worst food shot but does the food have to be originally that ugly looking? and must it be yummy or yucky?

Rachael said...

What every you think. I have plenty of food shots that were of delicious things that just werent photogenic, and vice versa.

OH, and Sweetnicks, if you read this, can you repost it on Stickydate? Gracias! (I should email you too, shouldnt I! LOL)

Ed Charles said...

I've plenty os mistakes buut the sad thing is I suspect that none are so bad. Everything sinks into a sea of mediocracy.

Cate said...

Was just coming to post that I'll add this to Sticky Date now. Sounds like a fun event!

Rachael said...

Thanks Sweetnicks!

And, just because Im so excited, I have to say the entries I have seen so far are SUPER HILARIOUS I am having a hard time keeping my composure. The stories and descriptions are just so, so awesome. I cannot WAIT to share these pics with the world. You all ROCK.

Owen said...

I may not be able to manage a photo, but how about sweet potatoe fish pie for a dish - it is legendary in my household - synonymous for all my experimental failures of which there are many...but no family makes enough fun of me taking pictures of GOOD food!

Sam said...

Did you know that the ugly dog died last week? A minute of silence, please.

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, the ugly dog was on the news. I had only just discovered him, so I'm glad I got to be "part of his life" for the last few weeks. Oh, lord, he was ugly.
(Not all Sams are ugly, of course. But you should see my Thanksgiving meal. Urp.)

Rachael said...

Aww the little guy died? And I hardly knew sad.

SaltShaker said...

While I love the idea, I'm a victim of the digital photography world - first thing I do every morning is sit down and review the day before's photos and erase everything that didn't turn out in a way I like!