Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(Ongoing Event) Weekend Herb Blogging

I was hesitant to post a notice earlier about Weekend Herb Blogging because I honestly didn't know if it would catch on since it basically started as a joke between Sweetnicks and myself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, WHB was born when I left a comment for Weekend Dog Blogging saying I would have to post a picture of my plants, since I didn't have a dog or a cat. The next week I happened to have a whole bucket of fresh basil I picked in my garden, so I posted a photo and called it Weekend Herb Blogging. Gradually others joined the fun, and we are now in the seventh week of sharing photos of plants on the weekend. There have really been some interesting submissions from around the world, with recipes and information about the herbs or veggies.

This is an event with no real rules. Simply write about an herb, plant, veggie, or flower sometime on the weekend, post a photo, and send me the link by mid-afternoon on Sunday (Utah time) and I will include you in the roundup on Sunday night. Use your imagination if you don't have any live plants growing. (It's getting very cold in Utah so I will soon be scouring the local ethnic markets looking for interesting plant ingredients to blog about myself.)

This will continue as an ongoing weekend thing until people get sick of doing it and stop sending me links, but so far participation has been increasing every weekend. If you don't want to enter anything, the posts are really informative and fun to read.

This post was written by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen


Cate said...
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Cate said...

Hey Kalyn, some of the best ideas are born this way. I added it to StickyDate for this weekend, and included some more ideas for those that don't have a green thumb - hope you approve! And I think it's a GREAT idea, and certainly in keeping with the "food" theme. ;)

Kalyn said...

Thanks Sweetnicks for putting WHB on StickDate. I added StickyDate to my "sites for food bloggers" list too. And what you wrote is great.

Velas Kesakes said...

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